WhoScored Update 41

Premier League

With 1 week of the season remaining, the WhoScored Premier League predictions are hanging on to a slim profit. For a change, this week it was Ben McAleer who had the profitable scores, thanks to his correct guess that Stoke would lose 2-1 to Palace.

Josh Wright wasn’t on target with his predictions and a c combined loss of -2.49 points, mean that overall they are now just +5.75 points in profit.

The Championship

The final week of the regular season was a bit of a disaster for Harry Smith in the Championship. Just 3 correct results and no correct scores gave a combined loss of -15.3 points, taking his overall loss to -47.45 points.

Leagues One & Two

It was also a bit of a disaster for Jake Sanders with his League One predictions. Just 3 correct results and no correct scores, from 15 games played. A loss on the week of -23.72 points completely killed any chance he had of finishing the season with a profit. The overall loss now stands at -31.07 points.

Gabriel Sutton already looked unlikely to finish the season in profit and a combined loss of -10.01 points on the week put the final nails in the coffin. With just the playoff matches to go he’s now showing an overall loss of -46.38 points.

Scottish Premiership

Graham Ruthven broke back into profit, with +4.18 points from the weekend’s matches. His correct prediction that Celtic would win 3-1 at Hearts means he is now showing an overall profit of +1.76 points.

La Liga

Simon Harrison made the biggest profit on the week, banking a combined total of +8.33 points, thanks to 2 correct scores from his La Liga predictions.

Overall however he’s still showing a loss of -60.61 points.

Serie A

Correct results in half of the 10 matches, but no correct scores, so a combined loss of -13.18 points. The overall loss now stands at -79 points.

Chamipons League

Just 1 correct result from the semi-final matches of the Champions league. Josh Wright correctly predicted that the scores between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich would be 2-1 and 2-2, but unfortunately got the home and away legs round the wrong way.

A combined loss of -6.47 points, brings the overall loss to -40.71 points.