WhoScored Update 39

With the end of the football season just a few matches away results over the last week weren’t what was required for the WhoScored  writers to finish with a profit from their result and correct score predictions.

Premier League

Just 2 correct results and no correct scores from the 10 matches played over an extended weekend of fixtures. A combined loss of -17.31 points almost halved the previous overall profit, which now stands at +19.26 points.

The Championship

Harry Smith was the only one of their tipsters that I’m monitoring to show a profit on the week. He managed 7 correct results and 1 correct score, to return a combined profit of +1.99 points, reducing his overall loss to -23.65 points. That keeps alive his chance of finishing with a profit.

Leagues One & Two

Things seem to be slipping away from Jake Saunders with a combined loss of -8.53 points from last week’s mid-week games followed by a loss of -4.20 points at the weekend.

Overall he’s now down -21.11 points and will need a swift turnaround in fortunes if he’s going to break back into profit before the end of the season.

Gabriel Sutton picked up +4.57 points profit from last week’s mid-week games, but gave it back plus more at the weekend, with a loss of -9.31 points. Overall he’s now showing a loss of -47.18 and any realistic chance of getting back into profit before the end of the season, looks to have gone.

Scottish Premiership

Just the 2 results correct for Graham Ruthven and form seems to be deserting him at the crunch end of the season. A loss of -7.26 points means Graham is now showing an overall loss of -4.42 points. Things don’t bode well as he’s gradually seen his profits erode away of the past 6 weeks.

La Liga

Any chance of Simon Harrison ending with a profit with his La Liga predictions now looks to have gone. No correct scores contributed to a loss of -11.74 points last mid-week, followed by a further loss of -5.60 points at the weekend, mean he’s now showing an overall loss of -62.78 points.

Serie A

It looks to be a similar situation for Jacopo Piotto with his Italian Serie A predictions. He managed 1 correct score over the week, but his correct result predictions were all short prices, so despite 9 correct results from the 20 matches played there was still combined losses of -10.77 points las mid-week and -7.23 points at the weekend.

Overall now showing a loss of -56.70 points and again his chance to end the season in profit appears to have now gone.