WhoScored Update 38

With just a few weeks of the season left to run in the major European leagues I’ll take a look to see which of the WhoScored  writers are likely to finish the season with a profit on their predictions.

Premier League

A profit of +1.66 points on the week brings the overall profit up to +36.57 points. Of the 2 main guys who do the predictions, Josh Wright is showing a profit of +136.17 points and is pretty much guaranteed to finish the season with a hefty profit.

On the other hand Ben McAleer was spot on with the Burnley v Leicester score, but that was only his 3rd correct score, in over 100 matches, since I started monitoring the selections. Overall he’s showing a loss of -97.29 points and guaranteed to finish the season with a big loss.

The Championship

A profit of +5.77 points for last week’s mid-week games, but offset with a loss of -7.69 points at the weekend.

Overall the loss now stands at -25.64 points. H’e bounced back from a bigger loss previously, so there’s still enough time for Harry Smith to turn things around and finish in the black.

Leagues One & Two

A small profit last mid-week, but just 1 correct result at the weekend produced a loss of -13.2 points. Jake Sanders is now showing an overall loss of -8.88 points, but there’s still a good chance he can finish in profit.

In League Two Gabriel Sutton recorded a loss of -9.06 points across the week, which takes his overall loss to -42.44 points. It’s now unlikely he’ll get back into profit.

Scottish Premiership

Just the 1 game last week to finish off the games before the league split in half. A small loss means Graham Ruthven is still keeping his head just above water, with an overall profit of +2.84 points.

He’s been on a downward spiral over the past few weeks, so will need an upturn in performance in order to remain in profit, come the end of the season.

La Liga

A small profit of +1.29 points on the week, but Simon Harrison will need to do better than that over the next few weeks, to overcome the -45.44 points loss.

Serie A

A loss of -9.7 points on the week was not what Jacopo Piotto needed, if he want’s to finish the season showing a profit.

He now sits on a loss of -38.7 points, so it looks unlikely  he’ll finish with a profit, but with 6 games left for all the teams, there’s still an outside chance he could do it.