WhoScored Update 37

Premier League

It was another good week for  WhoScored with their Premier League predictions. 2 correct scores and 4 correct results combined to provide a profit of +17.28, bringing the overall profit to +34.91 points.

The profit breakdown between Josh Wright and Ben McAleer now stands at:

+141.73 points for Josh Wright from 191 matches
-104.51 points for Ben McAleer from 100 matches

The Championship


Harry Smith was correct with the result in half his predictions, but only managed the correct score for the Leeds v Sunderland game. Resulted in him breaking even for the results but a loss of -6.0 points for the scores.

Overall the loss now stands at -23.72 points since I started monitoring the selections.

Leagues One & Two

It was a fine week for Jake Saunders with his League One predictions. He was correct with the result on 6 of the 11 matches at the weekend and got the score spot on with 3 of the games.

A combined profit of +16.08 points brings the overall performance back into profit, with +3.35 points.

In League Two Gabriel Sutton did well with his result predictions, with 5 correct from the 11 games, providing a profit of +2.44 points. However he didn’t manage to find the correct score in any of the games, so there was a combined loss of -8.56 points.

Overall he’s now showing a loss of -33.38 points, so will require some good results over the last few weeks in order to finish the season with a profit.

Scottish Premiership

3 correct results, but no correct scores, gave a combined loss of -7.41 points. Overall just hanging on to a slight profit +2.99 points.

La Liga

5 correct results form the 9 matches played so far, with 1 match being played this evening. However no correct scores, so a combined loss of -8.56 points.

Over now showing a loss of -44.73, so it’s going to be hard to turn things around before the end of the season.

Serie A

Pretty much break even for last week’s mid-week matches, but no correct scores at the weekend resulted in a loss of -10.19 points.

Overall now showing a loss of -29.0 points, so with 7 matches remaining, Jacopo Piotto will need a few good weeks of results in order to get back into a profit before the end of the season.