WhoScored Update 36

Premier League

Josh Wright again provided all the predictions for the matches played in the Premier League this weekend and once again the results for WhoScored showed.

7 correct results and 4 correct scores gave a combined profit of +27.60 points and seeing the overall figure back in the black, with a profit of +17.63 points.

The profit breakdown between Josh and Ben McAleer now stands at:

+121.33 points for Josh Wright from 184 matches
-101.39 points for Ben McAleer from 97 matches

The Championship

There was no profit to be had from following the Championship predictions over the Easter period. The Good Friday / Saturday matches made a combined loss of -6.95 points, with 4 correct results and 1 correct score. Followed by a similar pattern on the Easter Monday / Tuesday games with a combined loss of -5.19 points.

The overall loss now stands at -17.84 points and Harry Smith will need to up his game in the remaining matches in order to finish the season in profit.

Leagues One & Two

Not a lot to be said for the League One predictions. There was profits to be made betting on the correct results, but that was pretty much all offset by losses made on the correct scores.

Overall a small profit was made on each of the round of matches, reducing the overall loss to -12.73 points.

Results over the Easter period didn’t go as planned for Gabriel Sutton in League Two. He was unable to recapture the form he’d shown the previous week.

A combined loss of -4.53 points from Good Friday’s games and -11.89 points from those played Easter Monday, saw the overall loss increase to -24.82 points.

Scottish Premiership

There was also little cheer North of the border for Graham Ruthven. 7 points were wiped from his profits over the week, reducing the overall profit to +12.4 points.

La Liga

Only 1 set of matches played in Spain over the Easter period and just 4 correct results and 1 correct score for Simon Harrision. A combined loss of -6.01 points brings the overall figure to -36.17 points.


5 correct results from the 9 matches played, provided a small profit, but no correct scores meant a combined loss of -8.20 points.

Overall that takes the losses down below -100 points. Therefore, as with the French Ligue 1 predictions I’ll cease reporting the Bundesliga selections on a weekly basis, however I will continue to monitor them and will do a roundup of the performance at the end of the season.

Serie A

Better results were to be had in Serie A, with 6 correct results from the 10 matches and 2 correct scores, giving a combined profit of +3.4 points, which reduced the overall loss to -18.39 points.

There were 3 Serie A games played last night and 4 more playing tonight, but I’ll report on them in next weeks roundup.