WhoScored Update 33

Premier League

A weekend where Ben McAleer predicted the majority of the matches for WhoScored. He was correct with the result in 6 of his 8 matches, but failed to find the correct score in any of the games. Josh Wright was correct with 1 of the 2 games he did the predictions for, but he didn’t come up with a correct score either.

Overall they are now showing a combined loss of -20.58 points, but if do the breakdown between the 2 guys doing the predictions, it now stands at:

+83.12 points for Josh Wright from 170 matches
-101.39 points for Ben McAleer from 97 matches

3 other matches were predicted by Martin Lauence, but he doesn’t seem to get involved at all now.

The Championship

A good mid-week in the Championship with 9 out of 12 correct results and the correct score in 3 of the matches, giving a combined profit of +29.07 points.

Not so good at the weekend with 6 correct results, but no correct scores, giving a loss of -9.87 points, bringing the overall profit to +2.60 points since I started monitoring the selections

Leagues One & Two

Not the best of weeks for the League One guesses with just 2 correct results and 1 correct score, bringing the overall total to -22.36 points.

A similar situation in League Two with just 3 correct scores from 16 matches played during the past week. -18 points for the week sees the overall loss increase to -40.84 points.

Scottish Premiership

A week of 2 halves for Graham Ruthven’s Scottish Premier predictions. Mid-week last week saw him spot on in the Kilmarnock v St Johnstone match, providing a combined profit of +7.95 points, but most of the profit was given back over the weekend, with just 3 correct results and no correct scores. Overall though Graham’s still showing a healthy +23.70 points profit since he started predictions on the web site.

La Liga

Just 3 correct results and 1 correct score gave a combined loss of -8.24 points over the weekend, increasing the overall loss to -30.72 points.


6 out of 9 correct results gave a profit of +4.27 points, but -9 points for no correct scores, means that over all showing a loss of -80.09 points.

Serie A

Jacopo Piotto drops back into the red with only 4 correct results and just 1 correct score. Overall now showing a loss of -5.34 points.