WhoScored – Update 28

Premier League

When Liverpool went 2-1 up in stoppage time on Sunday, Ben Mcaleer could have been forgiven for thinking he’d called the score correctly, for only the 3rd time since I started monitoring the WhoScored selections. However the referee had other ideas and a Harry Kane penalty put paid to the scoreline.

Just 3 correct results gave a loss of -5.38 points, combined with -10.0 points for no correct scores, brings the balance to -0.16 points.

The Championship

5 correct results and just 1 correct score for Preston’s 2-1 win over Hull. Losses of -2.31 points and -3 points respectively, contributed to a combined loss of -5.31 points, which brings the overall profit down to just +2.29 points.

Leagues One & Two

The new boys on the block, had an impressive weekend. Jake Sanders was correct with his predictions in 5 of the 12 League one matches and was spot on with the score in 3 of those games. A combined profit of +11.48 points mean that he’s now only showing a small loss of -0.42 points overall.

Gabriel Sutton  also correctly predicted 3 scorelines, including Notts County’s 4-1 win over Crewe at 22/1. He got the result right in 7 of the 12 League Two games for a profit of +4.83 points, to combine with the +28 points for the correct scores. Overall he’s now showing a profit of +30.45 points, since he started his prediction for WhoScored.

Scottish Premiership

Graham Ruthven was also on target with his Scottish Premiership guesses. He only got the result correct in 2 of the 6 matches, but came up with the correct score in both games. A combined profit of +5.05 points, means he’s now in profit to the tune of +2.03 since he started with his predictions.

La Liga

Just 3 correct results and no correct scores with the La Liga predictions, giving rise to a combined loss of -14.72 points, wiping out the previous profits. The overall balance now stands at a -0.38 points loss.


Correct scores in 3 of the 9 matches for a small loss of -0.85 points. Just the 1 correct score for a loss of -3.0 points, gives an overall loss of -56.77 points.

Serie A

6 correct results out of the 10 games played, but just the 1 correct score, produced a combined loss of -3.32 points, bringing the overall loss to -9.25 points.

Ligue 1

For the 2nd week in a row Eric Devin only managed 1 correct result from is French Ligue 1 predictions. His tactic of mainly betting against the favourite doesn’t seem to be working.

Since I started monitoring his predictions, at the start of December, he’s correctly predicted the result in 31 out of 81 matches and has got the score correct in just 2 games. His points total now stands at -32.61 points for correct results and -72.50 points for correct scores, giving and overall loss of -105.11.

Given the loss now exceeds 100 points I’ll no longer be monitoring the Ligue 1 selections.