WhoScored – Update 23

Premier League

With it being the 3rd round of the FA Cup, there were no Premier League matches played this weekend, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the WhoScored results since I started monitoring the performance on 9th September.

So far there’s been 195 Premier League matches played, of those they made a slight loss of -0.1 points for the correct results and a profit of +34.0 points for the correct scores, giving a combined profit of +33.9 points.

Now that’s not too bad going, considering they put forward a prediction in every Premier League game played, but if we break the selections down slightly we see there’s potential for much bigger profits to be had.

For most of the leagues WhoScored seem to use the same person to make all the predictions, however when it comes to the Premier League they split the matches between two main writers; Josh Wright and Ben McAleer (there’s also been a few predictions from Martin Laurence).

Of the 195 matches I’ve monitored Josh has made the prediction in 115, Ben 72 and Martin just 3.

If we break the predictions down by person, we see a stark contrast in performance:

Josh Wright
Matches : 115
Correct Results : 64 (55.7%) : +17.51 points
Correct Scores : 20 (17.4%) : +92.50 points

Ben McAleer
Matches : 72
Correct Results : 31 (43.1%)  : -18.3 points
Correct Scores : 2 (2.8%) : -55.0 points

Martin Laurence
Matches : 3
Correct Results : 2 (66.6%) : +0.69 points
Correct Scores : 0 (0.0%) : -3.0 points

So while you’d have made a combined profit of +110 points backing the result and correct score predictions of Josh, you’d have made a loss of -73.8 points following Ben’s and -2.31 points from Martin’s.

It’s not been that many matches to draw any great conclusions, but that is a big difference in performance. I know who’s predictions I’d rather be following and I’ll be keeping a check on their individual performances going forward, to see if the trend continues.

WhoScored don’t make a big thing over WhoPredicted each of the matches, but if you look under the prediction box, you’ll see them named in a Twitter follow link for the person that made the prediction.

La Liga

It was a good start to the New Year for Simon Harrison, who makes their Spanish La Liga predictions. He was correct with 6 results out of the 10 matches played and of them he got the correct score in 3 of the games.

That gave him a profit of +3.32 points for the results and +16.5 points for the scores. A combined profit of +19.82 points pretty much wiped out all the loses from December and leaves him now just -1.26 points since I started monitoring the selections.

Serie A

Not such a good start to the year for the Serie A selections. They correctly predicted the result in half of the 10 matches, but only managed the correct score in 1 game.

A loss of -1.5 points for the results and -3.5 points for the scores brings the overall profit down to +7.55 points since I started to checking the results at the beginning of December.