WhoScored – Update 22

Premier League

The festive period continued well for the WhoScored Premier League predictions. The last of their post Christmas guesses saw them correctly predict Arsenal would win 3-2 away at Palace for a return of 22 points on the correct score and increasing their combined profit to +28.27 points for that round of matches.

Results weren’t so good in the last round of matches of the year. They didn’t manage any correct scores from the 9 matches played and only got the correct result in 3 of the games, giving them a combined loss of -12.46 points and reducing their overall profit to +27.85 points.

They managed to claw some of those losses back in the first round of games in the New Year, with 5 correct results and 2 correct scores from the 11 matches played, giving a combined profit of +6.05 points and increasing the overall profit to +33.90 points since I started monitoring selections.

The Championship


Things haven’t gone so well for Harry Smith and his Championship predictions. In the last round of matches of the year he only got 4 results correct from the 12 matches played and just the 1 correct score. The results he got right included 2 draws and an away win, which kept the combined loss down to -4.25 points and reduced the overall profit to +31.1 points.

New Years Day was a bit of a disaster with no correct results from the 9 matches played.  Harry did better with the 3 games on the 2nd, getting all 3 results correct, but no correct scores. A combined loss of -16.69 points across the 2 days saw the overall profit cut by more than half, down to -16.69 points.

That’s now -56.89 points wiped off the profits since 19th November. Hopefully Harry can get back to winning form after the FA Cup break.

Serie A

Their Italian writer Jacopo Piotto finished the year with an additional +9.18 points profit to bring the overall profit for the month to +12.55 points.

He was correct with the result in half of the 10 matches and came up with the correct score in 2 of the games to finish the year on a high.