WhoScored – Update 17

Champions League

It was the case of a game of two halves for the WhoScored predictions this week in the Champions League matches. On Tuesday they guessed the right result in 6 of the 8 games and got the score correct in 2 of the matches. At that stage they were showing a combined profit of +8.92 points and it looked like they may have their 1st profitable week of Champions League matches.

Alas Wednesday didn’t fair so well, with only 4 correct results and no correct scores, which meant over the 2 days they made a profit of +0.66 points for the result predictions, but a loss of -2.5 points on the correct scores.

The combined loss of -1.84 points brought their final overall loss for the group matches to -41.25 points.

Monday sees the draw for the round of 16 matches, which will commence in February, so I’ll be looking to see if they can improve the performance in the knockout stages of the cup.