WhoScored – Update 14

Premier League

WhoScored were in top form this weekend with their Premier League predictions. They got 3 of the results spot on giving a profit of +14.5 points and were correct with the result in 3 additional games, which added an extra +3.04 points to the pot, giving a combined profit of +17.54 points.

This brings their overall profit to +26.75 points, since I started monitoring the performance of their predictions.

The Championship

With tonight’s match between QPR and Brentford still to go, it’s not been such a good week for their Championship predictions. They’ve not got the correct score in any of the 11 games played so far, so -11 points there. They did better with the correct results, with 6 games going the way they predicted, providing a +2.8 points profit. Combined they made a loss of -8.2 points, which brings their overall profit down to +59.09 points.

Backing all the matches in the Premier League and The Championship, since I started monitoring their selections on 9th September (12 weeks) would have resulted in a total profit of +85.84 points.

Given how well their selections are performing in the top 2 English leagues, as from 1st December I’ll also start monitoring their predictions in the Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and French Ligue 1.

There’s a full program of mid-week  Premier League matches and a couple of games being played in the Championship, so I’ll be back on Thursday to update on those matches.