WhoScored – Update 14

Premier League

WhoScored were in top form this weekend with their Premier League predictions. They got 3 of the results spot on giving a profit of +14.5 points and were correct with the result in 3 additional games, which added an extra +3.04 points to the pot, giving a combined profit of +17.54 points.

This brings their overall profit to +26.75 points, since I started monitoring the performance of their predictions. Also bear in mind that’s only using bet365 odds. Profits could have been increased if you’d shopped around and taken the best odds available on each match.

The Championship

With tonight’s match between QPR and Brentford still to go, it’s not been such a good week for their Championship predictions. They’ve not got the correct score in any of the 11 games played so far, so -11 points there. They did better with the correct results, with 6 games going the way they predicted, providing a +2.8 points profit. Combined they made a loss of -8.2 points, which brings their overall profit down to +59.09 points.

Again I’d stress that’s only using bet365 odds and a greater profit would have been achieved by taking the best bookmaker odds on each match.

Backing all the matches in the Premier League and The Championship, since I started monitoring their selections on 9th September (12 weeks) would have resulted in a total profit of +85.84 points.

Given how well their selections are performing in the top 2 English leagues, as from 1st December I’ll also start monitoring their predictions in the Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and French Ligue 1.

There’s a full program of mid-week  Premier League matches and a couple of games being played in the Championship, so I’ll be back on Thursday to update on those matches.