WhoScored – Update 13

The Championship

WhoScored were unable to keep going their fine run of correct score predictions in the Championship matches. It had seen them make nearly +70 points profit over the past 4 weeks. They were correct in their prediction that Middlesbrough would beat Birmingham 2-0, but the odds weren’t great enough to stop them making a loss of -4.5 points across the 12 games. Not surprisingly they didn’t get the correct score in Fulham’s 5-4 away win at Sheff Utd.

Things were a bit better on the correct result bets, which they got correct in half the games and resulted in a +0.49 point profit.

A combined loss of -4.01 points reduced their overall profit to +67.29 points on all predictions since I started monitoring results.

Champions League

It wasn’t too bad a week for their Champions League match predictions and by that I mean only a small loss was made. Their correct score predictions actually made a profit for the first time +2.16 points, but Tottenham’s 2-1 away win at Borussia Dortmund was the only correct score, which gave a loss of -4 points and a combined loss of -1.84 points.

Their predictions in rounds 3, 4 and 5 haven’t been too bad, with just a -1 point loss on the correct results and -7 points for the correct scores, but unfortunately the major damage was done in rounds 1 and 2 (when there wasn’t much current form to go on).

Overall they’re currently showing a combined loss of -39.41 points on all their Champions League match predictions.