WhoScored – Update 10

The Championship

It’s been a fantastic week for any betting on the correct score predictions in the Championship from WhoScored. Following on from the 12 points profit they made at the weekend. They correctly predicted the score in 3 of the 12 mid-week matches, giving 33 points profit.

On top of that they got the result right in 7 of the 12 games, 6 of which were away wins, giving them an additional 7.82 points.

The combined mid-week profit of 40.82 points, sees their overall profit on Championship matches increase to 45.92 points, since I started monitoring their performance.

Champions League

Not such good fortune in the Champions League matches, where they continue to struggle with their predictions. They only got the correct result in half of the 16 group matches, which gave a loss of -2.15 points. Of those they only got the correct score in 2 games, which gave an additional -3 point loss.

Overall this brings their combined loss to -37.57 points in all the group matches so far.