WhoScored Match Preview

The WhoScored web site provides a lot of great statistical information to help you analyse football matches, part of that is their match preview service, where they use their player ratings and other data to predict the match result.

Here we look at their preview of this Saturday’s lunch time kickoff between Bournemouth and Man City, to show you what’s included in their preview.

Match Information

First up they provide the essential match information, including date and time of the match, plus the latest 1×2 betting odds. They also include a simple dropdown list, so you can easily switch to a preview of another match from the same division.

Probable Lineups

They provide what they think will be the playing formation and player lineup for each of the teams, they maintain a ranking for each player and show these, so you can get an idea of where a team is likely to prove strong and any weaknesses that are likely to get exploited during the match. Their average player ratings give an indication as to which is likely to be the stronger team.

Obviously the team lineups are likely to be different in the actual match, but it gives a good basis for your analysis.

Missing Players

This is particularly useful information, as it shows which players are either doubtful or long term injured. It also show those that are out through suspension.

Team News

The team news section provides additional information regarding the players that are in or out of the team and assumptions they’ve made when coming up with the probable lineups.

Match Facts

Details of any trends in both current form and head to head details between the two teams. They include relevant odds next to each fact, so you can access if each particular trend is worth following up with a bet.


Given all the data they provide, they then make their prediction as to the result and provide their reasoning behind the prediction.

You can either blindly place your bets following their prediction. As you can see below they provide several suggestions on how to back their prediction, whether it be as a 1×2 bet, correct score or goals under/over market.

Alternatively you could use all the stats they provide to make your own match prediction.

User Predictions

If you register with their web site you can add your own match prediction to the preview. Their graphs show all the users predictions and indicate the most favoured scores ad results.


Overall they provide some great information, a lot of which you wont find anywhere else and if you intend having a bet on a match it’ll be worthwhile looking at their preview before placing your bet.

If you use the WhoScored match preview let us know what you think in the comments below.