Who Scored Update 32

Premier League

A good week for the WhoScored correct result predictions, but not so good for the correct scores. They were correct with 8 out of the 10 results, which gave a profit of +6.18 points, but that was offset by -10 points for no correct scores. The overall points tally now stands at -14.62 points, since I started monitoring the selections.

The Championship

Only half the matches beat the big freeze at the weekend, but that didn’t stop Harry Smith returning a combined profit of +4.62 points from his Championship predictions. 3 correct results from the 6 games and the 1 correct score reduces the overall loss to -16.6 points.

Leagues One & Two

Just 4 matches played in League One, which was probably a good thing as results didn’t go Jake Sanders way. No correct scores or results gave a combined loss of -8.0 points and brings their overall loss to -9.46 points.

Only the 2 games played in League Two and they were correct with the result in 1 of them, but  not the score. A combined loss of -2.05 points brings the overall loss to -22.79 points.

Scottish Premiership

All matches called off for the bad weather

La Liga

No weather issues in Spain and correct results in 6 of the games returned a profit of +1.14 points. Better was to come from the correct scores, with 2 of the predictions being spot on, providing a profit of +4.0 points.

Overall the loss now stands at -22.48 points.


4 correct results but no correct results gave a combined loss of -10.06 points over the weekend, which increases the overall loss to -75.36 points.

Serie A

With Sunday’s games all getting wiped out by the weather, there was just 3 games played in Italy. Of those 3 they got the result correct in 1 but no correct score. Overall a loss of -3.8 points reduced the overall profit to just 1.45 points.