This Season’s Betting

In addition to backing the Premier League selections of Josh Wright, this season I’ll also be betting on the following:

Low Key Soccer Betting System 4 Selections

Regular readers of the blog will know that towards the end of last season I tested this system, for backing matches to score over 2.5 goals. After 4 months of trial it had made +2.02 points profit, from 75 matches played.

Not the greatest profit in the world, but I feel the system has potential, so I will continue my test this season. To keep up my interest I’ll be backing each selection to £10 stakes, getting the best price I can via the Betfair Exchange.

I’ll start putting my test bets for this system on the blog from this weekend.

Four Homes Acca

Again this year I’ll be putting the acca bet up each weekend and mid-week when there’s enough qualifying bets.

This bet has now returned a profit for me in each of the past 4 seasons and will hopefully continue to do so. I tend to land the bet 4 or 5 times a year, usually at odds somewhere between 10/1 – 25/1.

I’ll be leaving it for a few weeks in order for the teams to establish a fit of form and will most likely start around mid to late September.

As with last season I’ll be backing the selections with a £10 stake.

Football Advisor Bank Builder

I have no past experience of this service, but the potential sounded good, so I felt it worth a punt.

Rather than a monthly subscription the service is charged for per cycle, with an option to upgrade for a full season. The aim is for each cycle to double the betting bank.

Last season the 1st cycle got off to a rocky start (they have systems in place to hopefully cope with that situation), but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th cycles all managed to double the betting bank.

I can’t say too much about what the system involves, but I would say it’s not for the faint-hearted. They say on their site that you almost literally can not lose all your betting bank. While that maybe true, but you could certainly lose a large proportion of it.

To test the system I’m backing it with an initial betting bank of £150. I’m also putting an additional £300 aside in case things don’t go as planned.

Cycle 1 has been going since the start of the football season and so far I’m pleased to report my betting bank has increased to £211.86 (41% increase). Due to the nature of the staking system this figure could change very rapidly.

When providing the selections they provide details of the best bookmakers price, plus a main price that is available with at least 2 or 3 other bookmakers. When showing prices on their site they use the main price, which from my experience to date has been readily available to back at. They are currently quoting the betting bank to have increased by 39%, so you can see from that they are quoting realistic odds.

The success or failure will very much depend upon how high a strike rate they can get on their tips, which they aim to achieve between 85 – 95%.

I won’t be able to provide details of the specific selections backed or amounts staked, but I will keep the blog up-to-date with how my betting bank gets on and what the strike rate is.

I will be backing all selections for this system via Betfair Exchange.

Other Betting

In addition to the above, I’ll also be looking out for other selection methods to test throughout the season.