WhoScored Update 1

Mid-week results haven’t really gone WhoScored’s way in either the Championship or the Champions League.

The Championship

Their results for The Championship were excellent at the weekend and they carried through an overall profit of 11.05 points, from combined result and correct score bets. I therefore had high hopes coming into the mid-week games.

There were just 10 matches played, as Barnsley’s Carabao Cup match against Derby meant their respective league matches were postponed. Of the 10 games, they only managed 3 correct results and didn’t get the correct score in any of them. This gave a loss of 2.52 points on their result predictions and a loss of 10 points on their correct scores.

So combined that’s -12.52 points for the mid-week games and overall they’re now showing a loss of 1.47 for their Championship predictions since I started monitoring them.

The Champions League

They didn’t fair any better with their Champions League predictions. They managed the correct result in 7 of the 16 games, but all except the RB Leipzig v Monaco were short prices, so the chalked up a loss of 5.23 over the two days.

They correctly predicted the 3-0 score for the Bayern Munich v Anderlect game, but that was the only match they got spot on, so a loss of 9 points for the correct score predictions, giving a combined loss of 14.23 points.

They only have previews up for a couple of the Europa Cup matches, so I’ll not bother monitoring them, but I’ll report back again next week with how they get on in the weekend’s Premier League and Championship games.

Free Tips WhoScored

A couple of weeks ago I looked at the WhoScored web site and in particular their match previews. They include match information, probable lineups, missing players, team news, match facts, predictions and user predictions.

For anyone wanting to have a bet of the football, but not got the time to study the form of the 2 teams, their match predictions maybe of particular interest.

They cover all the major European leagues, including the English Premier League and The Championship, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1,  Dutch Eredivisie and Portuguese Liga NOS. They also include matches from Russia, Norway, Sweeden, Turkey, USA MLS, Brazil, Argentina and the Chinese Super League.

It’s great that they cover so many leagues, but the big question is, can you make a profit following their predictions?

The WhoScored site has a lot of footballing stats, but I couldn’t see anywhere where they show how well or badly their predictions perform. I’ll therefore monitor their selections to see how they get on.

Unfortunately the only way I can see to get their predictions is to click on the match preview for each individual match. It’s therefore fairly time consuming to retrieve all of their predictions, so for now I’ll just monitor their selections for the English Premier League, The Championship and Champions League matches.

As they give a score predictions for each of the matches, I’ll monitor profit/loss for the results and correct score markets.

Matches Played Weekend 9th/10th September

Not the best start for their Premier League predictions, with only 3 correct results from the 9 matches played so far giving a loss of 1.34 points. None of their score predictions were correct, so a 9 point loss on the correct score bets, giving an overall loss of 10.34 points on the weekend.

A much better performance from The Championship matches, with 6 correct results from the 12 matches played, giving a profit of 4.55 points. They predicted the correct score in 2 of the matches, which gave a profit of 6.5 points and a combined profit of 11.05 points.

With tonight’s match between West Ham and Huddersfield still to go they’re showing a slight overall profit of 0.71 points across the 2 leagues.

10 Championship matches to be played this week and the Start of the Champions League group games, so I’ll report back on those predictions later in the week. If you want to see their predictions visit https://www.whoscored.com/Previews and click on the individual matches to see their predictions.

* Teams are highlighted in green where the match result prediction is correct and the score is highlighted where the score prediction is correct.