Over 2.5 Goals – Trial Summary

Just the one qualifying match played at the weekend, which resulted in 3 goals being scored. I must admit when I saw it as a qualifying game I didn’t expect it would be Newcastle that would score all the goals to make it a winning bet.

I’ve had a look at next weekends matches, for the leagues that are still going, but there are no qualifying bets, so I’m going to call that a wrap on my trial of the Low Key Soccer Betting System 4 selections.

During my trial there’s been 76 qualifying matches, 1 of which was postponed. Of the 75 matches played 41 produced over 2.5 goals, a strike rate of 54.67%.

The system couldn’t have got off to a much worse start. The 1st match produced 4 goals, but then 7 of the next 8 matches failed to produce over 2.5 goals. At that point I must admit I thought the trial was going to be a waste of time. However since then the general trend has been towards profit.

At the end of the trial, which has lasted 4 months, it has reached a profit of +2.02 points profit.

Ok that’s nothing spectacular and it’s not going to make you rich, but betting £5 per point, it would have at least covered the cost of the book.

Profits could have Been Higher

I was only using Betfair sportsbook prices for the trial. If I’d shopped around the various bookmakers for better prices, or placed the bets on the Betfair Exchange, I’m sure I’d have seen better returns.

The author only tested the system over a period of 100 bets. That and my trial of 75 bets are hardly conclusive proof that it’s a winning system, but I feel there’s enough going for it to keep me intrigued.

It doesn’t take much time each week to check for selections and it provides a bit of interest in matches that I wouldn’t normally be that bothered about.

I shall therefore continue to see how it performs next season and put aside a small betting bank to bet on the selections. I may even expand the scope to include some of the other leagues.

System 4 is just one of several over 2.5 goals systems mentioned in the book and I’ll take another look at it during the close season at some of the other angles that are covered.

Over 2.5 Goals – System 4 : 13/05/18

It was a good weekend for the Low Key Soccer Betting System 4 selections last weekend, with 4 of the 5 matches producing 3 or more goals. A profit of +2.62 points takes the overall total back into a +ve position.

That’s now 40 successful bets from 74 matches played (54.05%) with the system now showing a slight profit of +0.97 points.

Just the 1 qualifying bet from this weekends games.

Over 2.5 Goals – System 4 : 06/05/18

Just 2 of the 5 matches last weekend produced over 2.5 goals for the Low Key Soccer Betting System 4 selections. Both of the successful matches were in the Italian Serie A.

That’s now 36 successful bets from 69 games played, a strike rate of 52.17% and an overall loss of -1.65 points.

Five more qualifying matches this weekend, all playing on Sunday.

Over 2.5 Goals – System 4 : 27/04/18

Last weekend was good for the Low Key Soccer Betting System 4 selections. The over 2.5 goals bet was successful in 3 out of the 4 qualifying matches.

That’s 34 winners from 64 bets now, a strike rate of 53.1% and brings things back to almost break even. I’m sure it would be showing a slight profit if I recorded results based upon best bookmaker odds, rather than just using the Betfair Sportsbook odds.

Five more qualifying matches this weekend, starting with tomorrow night’s game in Ligue 1 between Montpellier and Saint-Etienne.