Week 5 – Backing Josh Wright’s Premier League Predictions

It was a weekend best forgotten as far as Josh Wright’s Premier League predictions went for WhoScored. The only saving grace was the fact he only did the previews for 7 of the matches, with Ben McAleer previewing the rest.

Of the 7, he was right with the result in 3 and again he didn’t get the correct score in any of the games.

Based upon £5 stakes be showed a loss of -£11.20 backing the results and -£35 backing the correct scores, which brings his overall total down to -£13.50.

Backing the predictions with Betfair, again made little difference, with just a marginal better return. My overall loss now standing at -£10.34. It’s not going to be until he fires in a few good priced correct score predictions that I expect to see a significant difference.

It’s the return of the Champions League this week, but I won’t be backing Josh’s predictions in those matches, as they didn’t fair so well for him last year.

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Week 4 – Backing Josh Wright’s Premier League Predictions

Just 3 of the 10 Premier League matches this weekend, were previewed on WhoScored by Josh wright. The others were predicted by Ben McAleer.

Of the 3, he was right with the result in 2, both of which were pretty low odds. He didn’t get the correct score in any of the games.

Based upon £5 stakes be showed a loss of -£1.60 backing the results and -£15 backing the correct scores, which brings his overall total down to £32.70.

Again I managed marginally better returns placing the bets with Betfair, with  my overall profit now standing at +£35.55.

With the international break there’re no Premier League matches next weekend, so next update will be in a couple of weeks time.

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Week 3 – Backing Josh Wright’s Premier League Predictions

Josh wright provided all of the WhoScored Premier League previews this week and he did pretty well with his predictions.

Of the 10 matches played he was right with the result in 6 of the games and spot on with 2. He correctly predicted Arsenal would beat West Ham 3-1 (bet365 odds 10/1) and that Chelsea would win 2-1 at Newcastle (8/1).

Based upon £5 stakes on each of the results and each of the correct score predictions he showed a profit of +£60.50 for the week and is now +£49.30 in profit overall this season.

I managed a slightly better return placing the bets via the Betfair Exchange, thanks mainly to getting better odds on the Arsenal v West Ham correct score. My profit for the week was +£63.36, bringing my overall profit, backing Josh’s selections, to +£51.75.

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Week 2 – Backing Josh Wright’s Premier League Predictions

This week WhoScored shared out the responsibilities for the Premier League previews. Josh Wright predicted 4 of the matches, with Ben McAleer and Martin Laurence predicting 3 a piece.

Week 2 Summary

Ben and Martin split the Saturday matches between them, so I had to wait until Sunday for the bets placed on Josh’s tips.

Of the 4 matches, Josh was correct with the result in 2, but didn’t get any correct scores. In the Sunday early kick-offs, Watford scored in the 3rd minute, to kill any chance of the 1-0 win to Burnley. Meanwhile Man City soon exceeded the 2-0 prediction on their way to a 6-1 victory.

Things didn’t improve in the later match, where Brighton upset the odds for the second year in a row to beat Man Utd. The Monday night match saw Liverpool oblige with 2 goals, but with Crystal Palace down to 10 men they were unable to oblige with a consolation goal.

Overall a -£20 loss on the correct scores and -£7.60 for the correct results. I did marginally better with my Betfair odds to catch up slightly with the bet365 odds.

Overall I’m now currently down -£11.61 following Josh’s bets.

Ben and Martin managed a correct score each, with Ben correctly predicting Spurs would win 3-1 and Martin correct with Everton’s 2-1 win. Trust me to be following the wrong selections:-(

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Week 1 – Backing Josh Wright’s Premier League Predictions

This season I’ll be following the Premier League predictions of Josh Wright, as published in the WhoScored Previews. I’ll be backing the results and the correct scores, each to £5 level stakes.

Week 1 Summary

Josh Wright predicted 9 of the 10 Premier League matches over the weekend, with Ben McAleer just covering the Tottenham game.

Things got off to a great start on Friday evening, with Jamie Vardy scoring a 92nd minute consolation goal for Leicester, to match Josh’s 2-1 prediction, at a bet365 price of 9.5. I obtained 9.8 on Betfair, which paid slightly less after taking into account the commission.

That was as good as it got for the correct scores, although there were a couple of close calls that would have been good if they’d come in:

On Saturday Wolves v Everton finished 2-2. With Everton playing with 10 men from the 40th minute, I was hopeful of Wolves snatching a late winner, at bet365 odds of 33/1 (Betfair price 42.0).

Then on Sunday Liverpool were winning 3-0, until Dean Sturridge came on and scored with his first touch in the 88th minute.

Still it ended up a profitable week, with just over 3 points banked.

bet365 odds returned the slightly higher profit of £16.40, compared with the profit of £15.54 I made matching odds on Betfair Exchange.

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TV Previews

Today we launch our new Live TV Match Previews, where we take a look at what a number of free tipster services are predicting, for the Premier League matches shown live on either Sky or BT Sports.

Starting with tonight’s season opener at Old Trafford, we detail the head to head stats between the 2 teams over the past 6 seasons, compare their league positions, plus look at what the experts are predicting from WhoScored, infogol, Statarea, Cheeky Punter, WinDrawWin and Squawka.

If you fancy a bet in any of the Premier League matches being shown live on TV, but don’t know who to back, take a look at our summary sheet, then simply click the odds to place your bet.

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The Wright Way To Bet On The Premier League

Last season I monitored the performance of the WhoScored predictions. For all the leagues I monitored there was one standout performance and that was Josh Wright’s Premier League predictions.

Josh shares the responsibility of predicting the Premier League games, with Ben McAleer, although last year Josh made the prediction for nearly twice as many matches as Ben.

I started monitoring the performance on 9th September 2017 and from then until the end of the season Josh made the prediction in 228 Premier League games.

Of those he was correct with the result in 117 (51.3%) and the score in 31 (13.6%). Backing each prediction with 1 point for the result and 1 point for the correct score would have returned a profit of +92.47 points based on the bet365 odds available at the time I retrieved his predictions. That was made up of +8.97 points for the results and +83.5 points for the correct scores.

Given how well Josh performed last season, I will monitor his selections again this season, but to make it more interesting I’ll also be backing all of his tips.

I’ve set aside a betting bank of £500 and will be betting £5 on each result and £5 on each correct score. I’ll be placing all the bets via the Betfair Betting Exchange and will be comparing the performance of the odds I obtain from Betfair, against those offered by bet365.

I’ll report back, on a regular basis throughout the year, on how his selections get on.

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Premier League fixtures for 2018/19 announced

The Premier League fixtures for next season have been announced. The new season kicks off on Saturday 11th August 2018 and the highlight of the opening day fixtures sees Arsenal play hosts to last season’s Champions Manchester City.

It also sees Manchester United at home to Leicester and last season’s Championship winners Wolves kick off life back in the Premier League with a home match against Everton.

The other teams back in the Premier see Cardiff travel to Bournemouth, while Fulham entertain Crystal Palace.

Unsurprisingly Man City are favourites at 4/6 with Betfair to retain their title, with Liverpool second at 5/1, followed by Man Utd 13/2, Chelsea 11/1, Tottenham 12/1 and Arsenal 30/1.

Favourites to be relegated are Cardiff, along with Huddersfield and Fulham.

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For the full list of fixtures see https://www.premierleague.com/news/720651

WhoScored – Update 24

Premier League

A disappointing week for the WhoScored Premier League predictions. Just 2 correct results from the 10 matches and no correct scores, made it the worst week since I started monitoring selections.

A loss of -7.56 points for the results and -10 points for the correct scores gave a combined loss of -17.56 points. That wiped out over half the overall profit, bringing it down to +16.34 points.

The Championship

A good weekend saw Harry Smith return to form with his Championship predictions. Just 4 correct results from the 12 matches played, but 2 correct scores, including correctly predicting Derby would win 3-0 at Birmingham at odds of 20/1.

A loss of -3.08 points for the results, but a profit of +15 points for the correct scores, gave an combined profit of +11.92 points profit, bringing the overall profit to +26.33 points since I started monitoring the predictions.

La Liga

The upturn in results continued over in Spain with 6 correct results from the 10 matches and 2 correct scores. +2.69 points profit for the results and +4.50 points for the correct scores, gave a combined profit of +7.19 points and now sees them in an overall profit to the tune of +5.93 points, since I started monitoring the results at the start of December.

Considering they were showing a loss of -21.08 points at the end of last year, it’s been a very promising turn around since the start of the new year.


4 correct results and 1 correct score gave a profit of +2.05 points and a loss of -2.50 points respectively, so hardly any change overall, with the loss now standing at -29.79 points, since the beginning of December.

Serie A

No Fixtures this week.

Ligue 1

Things continued where they left off before the mini break, with the French Ligue 1 predictions. Just 4 correct results from the 10 matches gave a loss of -1.75 points. There were no correct scores, so an additional -10 points loss, brings the overall combined loss to -50.48 points since the start of December.

A double helping of matches this week, so hopefully some better results.


WhoScored – Update 23

Premier League

With it being the 3rd round of the FA Cup, there were no Premier League matches played this weekend, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the WhoScored results since I started monitoring the performance on 9th September.

So far there’s been 195 Premier League matches played, of those they made a slight loss of -0.1 points for the correct results and a profit of +34.0 points for the correct scores, giving a combined profit of +33.9 points.

Now that’s not too bad going, considering they put forward a prediction in every Premier League game played, but if we break the selections down slightly we see there’s potential for much bigger profits to be had.

For most of the leagues WhoScored seem to use the same person to make all the predictions, however when it comes to the Premier League they split the matches between two main writers; Josh Wright and Ben McAleer (there’s also been a few predictions from Martin Laurence).

Of the 195 matches I’ve monitored Josh has made the prediction in 115, Ben 72 and Martin just 3.

If we break the predictions down by person, we see a stark contrast in performance:

Josh Wright
Matches : 115
Correct Results : 64 (55.7%) : +17.51 points
Correct Scores : 20 (17.4%) : +92.50 points

Ben McAleer
Matches : 72
Correct Results : 31 (43.1%)  : -18.3 points
Correct Scores : 2 (2.8%) : -55.0 points

Martin Laurence
Matches : 3
Correct Results : 2 (66.6%) : +0.69 points
Correct Scores : 0 (0.0%) : -3.0 points

So while you’d have made a combined profit of +110 points backing the result and correct score predictions of Josh, you’d have made a loss of -73.8 points following Ben’s and -2.31 points from Martin’s.

It’s not been that many matches to draw any great conclusions, but that is a big difference in performance. I know who’s predictions I’d rather be following and I’ll be keeping a check on their individual performances going forward, to see if the trend continues.

WhoScored don’t make a big thing over WhoPredicted each of the matches, but if you look under the prediction box, you’ll see them named in a Twitter follow link for the person that made the prediction.

La Liga

It was a good start to the New Year for Simon Harrison, who makes their Spanish La Liga predictions. He was correct with 6 results out of the 10 matches played and of them he got the correct score in 3 of the games.

That gave him a profit of +3.32 points for the results and +16.5 points for the scores. A combined profit of +19.82 points pretty much wiped out all the loses from December and leaves him now just -1.26 points since I started monitoring the selections.

Serie A

Not such a good start to the year for the Serie A selections. They correctly predicted the result in half of the 10 matches, but only managed the correct score in 1 game.

A loss of -1.5 points for the results and -3.5 points for the scores brings the overall profit down to +7.55 points since I started to checking the results at the beginning of December.