WhoScored – Update 19

Premier League A small profit for WhoScored on their correct result predictions, combined with a slight loss on their correct scores, lead to a combined profit of +1.05 points from the mid-week matches. They were spot on with Crystal Palace’s 2-1 win over Watford, thanks to goals for Palace in the 89th and 92nd minute, … Continue reading “WhoScored – Update 19”

WhoScored – Update 18

Premier League A disappointing weekend for the WhoScored Premier League predictions. They only managed 3 correct results from the 10 matches and no correct scores. That equates to a combined loss of -13.35 points, reducing their overall profit to just +5.63 points since I started monitoring their predictions. The Championship It wasn’t the best of … Continue reading “WhoScored – Update 18”

WhoScored – Update 16

Premier League Some fine predictions in the Premier League from WhoScored getting 8 out of 10 results correct, for +7.5 points profit. Unfortunately they only get the correct score in 1 of the 8, correctly predicting the 1 all draw in the south coast derby between Bournemouth and Southampton, which only paid out at 11/2 … Continue reading “WhoScored – Update 16”

WhoScored – Update 15

After the good run of recent form shown by the WhoScored predictions, the mid-week games came as somewhat a disappointment. Premier League They were correct in their results prediction for half the ten games, but apart from the draw between WBA and Newcastle, they were all pretty short odds, so a loss of -1.77 points … Continue reading “WhoScored – Update 15”

WhoScored – Update 14

Premier League WhoScored were in top form this weekend with their Premier League predictions. They got 3 of the results spot on giving a profit of +14.5 points and were correct with the result in 3 additional games, which added an extra +3.04 points to the pot, giving a combined profit of +17.54 points. This … Continue reading “WhoScored – Update 14”

WhoScored – Update 12

It was a case of one step forward two steps back for the WhoScored predictions over the weekend. A combined profit was made on their Championship predictions, but that was wiped out by a slightly bigger loss on their Premier League guesses. Premier League No correct scores from the 10 matches played, but they did … Continue reading “WhoScored – Update 12”

WhoScored – Update 11

Premier League WhoScored were in fine form with their correct score predictions again this weekend and this time it wasn’t just the Championship matches where they came good. They correctly guessed that Huddersfield would beat WBA 1-0 and that Liverpool would win 4-1 at the London Stadium, which paid out a whopping 22/1. As far … Continue reading “WhoScored – Update 11”

4 Homes Acca – 04/11/17

It was another disappointing weekend for the Acca last week. In fact it would have done better as 4 aways, with 3 of the home teams losing and only Cardiff getting a point in a 0-0 draw. Running total -£60.00 With the League One and Two teams in FA Cup action this weekend, I turn … Continue reading “4 Homes Acca – 04/11/17”

WhoScored – Update 9

Premier League WhoScored correctly predicted the result of 6 of the 9 Premier League games, played over the weekend, to give a profit of 1.68 points, but only managed to get the correct score in 1 of the games, which resulted in a loss of 2.5 points and a combined loss of 0.82 points. A … Continue reading “WhoScored – Update 9”

WhoScored – Update 8

Premier League It was a good weekend for the WhoScored Premier League predictions and it was very nearly a fantastic weekend. They correctly predicted the score in 3 of the 10 games and had Chelsea down for a 3-2 over Watford at 25/1. Unfortunately Chelsea scored a 4th goal in the 5th minute of added … Continue reading “WhoScored – Update 8”