WhoScored – Update 17

Champions League

It was the case of a game of two halves for the WhoScored predictions this week in the Champions League matches. On Tuesday they guessed the right result in 6 of the 8 games and got the score correct in 2 of the matches. At that stage they were showing a combined profit of +8.92 points and it looked like they may have their 1st profitable week of Champions League matches.

Alas Wednesday didn’t fair so well, with only 4 correct results and no correct scores, which meant over the 2 days they made a profit of +0.66 points for the result predictions, but a loss of -2.5 points on the correct scores.

The combined loss of -1.84 points brought their final overall loss for the group matches to -41.25 points.

Monday sees the draw for the round of 16 matches, which will commence in February, so I’ll be looking to see if they can improve the performance in the knockout stages of the cup.

WhoScored – Update 13

The Championship

WhoScored were unable to keep going their fine run of correct score predictions in the Championship matches. It had seen them make nearly +70 points profit over the past 4 weeks. They were correct in their prediction that Middlesbrough would beat Birmingham 2-0, but the odds weren’t great enough to stop them making a loss of -4.5 points across the 12 games. Not surprisingly they didn’t get the correct score in Fulham’s 5-4 away win at Sheff Utd.

Things were a bit better on the correct result bets, which they got correct in half the games and resulted in a +0.49 point profit.

A combined loss of -4.01 points reduced their overall profit to +67.29 points on all predictions since I started monitoring results.

Champions League

It wasn’t too bad a week for their Champions League match predictions and by that I mean only a small loss was made. Their correct score predictions actually made a profit for the first time +2.16 points, but Tottenham’s 2-1 away win at Borussia Dortmund was the only correct score, which gave a loss of -4 points and a combined loss of -1.84 points.

Their predictions in rounds 3, 4 and 5 haven’t been too bad, with just a -1 point loss on the correct results and -7 points for the correct scores, but unfortunately the major damage was done in rounds 1 and 2 (when there wasn’t much current form to go on).

Overall they’re currently showing a combined loss of -39.41 points on all their Champions League match predictions.

WhoScored – Update 10

The Championship

It’s been a fantastic week for any betting on the correct score predictions in the Championship from WhoScored. Following on from the 12 points profit they made at the weekend. They correctly predicted the score in 3 of the 12 mid-week matches, giving 33 points profit.

On top of that they got the result right in 7 of the 12 games, 6 of which were away wins, giving them an additional 7.82 points.

The combined mid-week profit of 40.82 points, sees their overall profit on Championship matches increase to 45.92 points, since I started monitoring their performance.

Champions League

Not such good fortune in the Champions League matches, where they continue to struggle with their predictions. They only got the correct result in half of the 16 group matches, which gave a loss of -2.15 points. Of those they only got the correct score in 2 games, which gave an additional -3 point loss.

Overall this brings their combined loss to -37.57 points in all the group matches so far.

WhoScored – Update 7

Champions League

It pretty much remained as you were for the WhoScored Champions League predictions. They guessed the correct result in half of the matches, including Tottenham getting a draw at Real Madrid, which produced a small loss of 1.02 points.

Of the results they predicted correctly, they got the correct score in two of the games. With Feyenoord losing 2-1 at home to Shakhtar Donetsk and Bayern Munich beating Celtic 3-0, they wiped their face (as the guy off treasure hunt would say) on the correct scores.

Overall that brings their combined loss to -32.42 points after 3 rounds of Champions League games, so they’ll be hoping to do better in the reverse set of group matches.

WhoScored Update 1

Mid-week results haven’t really gone WhoScored’s way in either the Championship or the Champions League.

The Championship

Their results for The Championship were excellent at the weekend and they carried through an overall profit of 11.05 points, from combined result and correct score bets. I therefore had high hopes coming into the mid-week games.

There were just 10 matches played, as Barnsley’s Carabao Cup match against Derby meant their respective league matches were postponed. Of the 10 games, they only managed 3 correct results and didn’t get the correct score in any of them. This gave a loss of 2.52 points on their result predictions and a loss of 10 points on their correct scores.

So combined that’s -12.52 points for the mid-week games and overall they’re now showing a loss of 1.47 for their Championship predictions since I started monitoring them.

The Champions League

They didn’t fair any better with their Champions League predictions. They managed the correct result in 7 of the 16 games, but all except the RB Leipzig v Monaco were short prices, so the chalked up a loss of 5.23 over the two days.

They correctly predicted the 3-0 score for the Bayern Munich v Anderlect game, but that was the only match they got spot on, so a loss of 9 points for the correct score predictions, giving a combined loss of 14.23 points.

They only have previews up for a couple of the Europa Cup matches, so I’ll not bother monitoring them, but I’ll report back again next week with how they get on in the weekend’s Premier League and Championship games.