Football Advisor Bank Builder – Staking Plan

New Years day was a bit of a disaster for the Bank Builder Double Chance selections, wiping out nearly 75% of their betting bank, so that it now stands at just 7% of the initial bank + wildcard.

With it being FA Cup weekend the Football Advisor team are taking a break to lick their wounds and decide the best way forward to recover the losses from this cycle of bets.

With it being such a high risk strategy I’ve always thought this kind of loss was possible, for any of the methods they run under the Bank Builder heading. The following staking plan is what I’ve devised to hopefully handle such losses, yet provide scope to take advantage of the bank doubling, when the results go the right way.

Divide the betting  bank into 3

My approach has been to decide upon a betting bank that I can afford to lose and then divide it into 3. I then use one third along with their staking plan to bet the bank builder selections.

Half the 2nd third is used in case the initial bank drops to such an extent that the wild card in needed.

I then have another third + wildcard to use as a backup in case the first third + wildcard get’s depleted to such an extent that it would take too longer for the bank to recover.

Here’s an example to help explain it more clearly:

Start with a total bank of £450, which I divide into 2 banks of £150 and 2 wildcards of £75.

Use £150 as my initial betting bank, using the Football Advisor staking plan. If the cycle is successful and the bank doubles (to £300) I add that back into my overall bank, which is now £600, split it into 3 again and begin the next cycle with £200.

If the £150 bank suffers a significant drop, add in the £75 wild card.  If the bank gets back to break even at £225 (£150 + £75), withdraw the wildcard, then hopefully the remainder will recover to £300, at which time I follow the above step and add it back into the overall bank and split it into 3 again.

If after adding in the wildcard the bank continues to fall, to such an extent that it has with the current Double Chance cycle, I then bring in the remaining £150 of my initial bank to start a new cycle and have the other  £75 wildcard as a backup for that cycle.

If that cycle doubles I’ll then have total funds of £375, which I’ll again split into 3, to start the next cycle, which will again bet alongside the original recovering cycle.

Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 10

With it being the end of the year I thought it would be a good time to provide an update on how things have been getting on with the Football Advisor Bank Builder services.

I have to say following the betting strategy is very much a roller coaster ride and for anyone thinking of joining I’d certainly recommend you only include it as a small part of your overall betting portfolio.

Currently there’s 3 for their Bank Builder strategies that I’ve been following. For each service I’ll first report their official results and then how I’ve got on following the service.

They run each service in terms of cycles, with the intention of each cycle to double your betting bank.

Bank Builder

This system is straight forward backing the home teams to win.

Cycle 1  – Completed in 15 days with their initial betting bank of £1,000 doubling (well almost) to £1,972.10. Giving a profit of £972.10.

Cycle 2 – After a 100% strike rate with cycle 1, things have not gone so well for the 2nd cycle. The initial betting bank of £1,000 + a wild card injection of £500 currently stands at £71.78. A loss of £1,428.22 (-95.2%). It’s going to be a long road back to breaking even, let alone doubling the initial bank.

Cycle 3 – Although cycle 2 is still going, at the beginning of December they advised members to setup a new betting bank in order to hopefully capitalise on the selections, while waiting for cycle 2 to recover. Things have gone well so far for cycle 3, with the initial £1,000 having increased to £1,593 (up 59%). Profit £593.

Overall backing the selections to their stakes and odds would have provided a current profit of £136.88.

With cycle 2 doing so badly they upgraded all member to lifetime membership of both the Bank Builder and Under/Over services.

Backing the selections I’ve been more conservative with the betting bank, starting with £150 bank.

Cycle 1 – Doubled to £296.82 for a profit of (146.82)

Cycle 2 – Initial betting bank of £150 + £75 wild card. Current bank stands at £14.12. A loss of £210.88 (-93.7%)

Cycle 3 – As detailed in my previous update, I started cycle 3 earlier than Football Advisor (cycle 2 was already down 82% at the time I started cycle 3). After initially being in profit, a run of losing bets meant that I invoked the wild card. From an initial bank of £150 + £75 wild card, my betting bank currently sits at £137.88, down £87.12 (-38.7%).

Overall I’m currently showing a loss of -£151.19 (£146.82 – £210.88 – £87.12).

In general I feel I’m just about able to get the prices they advise at, although sometimes the prices they quote are gone well before the email goes out to members.

Double Chance

This system places bets in the Double chance market (i.e win + draw)

Cycle 1  (which they refer to as cycle 15) – Had it’s ups and downs. The initial bank of £1,000 + £500 Wild card eventually got to £2,556.60 to make a profit of £1,056.60.

Cycle 2 (cycle 16) – Has not fared so well. After a good start, a run of results going against, meant that the wild card had to again be invoked. Things have yet to pick up and the current betting bank stands at £419.40, which is a loss of -£1,080.60 (-72%) on their initial bank of £1,000 + £500 wild card.

Overall backing the selections to their stakes and odds would have provided a current loss of -£24.

How I’ve got on backing the selections.

Cycle 1 – Buoyed by the success the original Bank Builder cycle 1, I started with an initial betting bank of £300, to which I needed to add £150 wild card. Once the betting bank got to break even I withdrew the wild card. This is different to what Football Advisor suggest, but is what I felt more comfortable with, given what had gone on up to that point. When the cycle had made £150 profit I decided to count that as having doubled an initial betting bank of £150 (as it fitted in with the new bank strategy I’d come up with for following the services – I’ll post details of this in the new year). Profit £150.69.

Cycle 2 – Started with an initial bank of £200, which double to just over £400 in the space of less than 2 weeks. Profit £203.14.

Cycle 3 – Initial bank of £270 + £135 wild card currently sits at £115.30. Loss of £289.70

Overall I’m currently showing a Profit of +£64.13 (£150.69 + £203.14 – £289.70)

Usually I’m able to obtain better prices than those they advise.

Over Under

Backing selections in the total goals over / under markets. Odds are usually very low, but they do have long winning runs.

Cycle 1 – Their initial betting bank of £1,000 currently stands at £1,418.79 (+41.9%)

How I’ve got on backing the selections.

In general I’ve managed to achieve better odds than those they’ve advised. At one point I was just 1 bet away from doubling the betting bank, but an 87th minute goal took the game over the total goals. They’re currently on a good winning streak and my initial bank of £150 currently stands at £272.31 (+81.5%), so as you can see, in percentage terms I’ve been well outperforming their advised odds. If the current winning run is extended for a few more bets, my bank will have doubled. But I’ve been there before with these bets, so who knows what’s in store.

Betting Banks

The bank builder method is definitely a high risk, high reward service and having backed the selections for a few months now I’ve settled upon a betting bank structure that will hopefully provide a bit of a safeguard, while also providing a way to increase long term profits. I’ll outline more about the method I’ve adopted, in the new year.

Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 9

The weekend didn’t start well for the Bank Builder and after Saturday’s selections my betting bank for cycle 2 was down -81.9% of initial stake + wild card. Sunday and Monday saw it recover some of the losses, but my betting bank is still down -77.7%.

The strike rate for this cycle is currently 75%, so still well below their expected 85-95% range.

I’ve decided to go a bit off piste backing these selections and have setup a 2nd betting bank that I’d held in reserve and have started a 3rd cycle backing the bank builder selections.

This is similar to what they did last year when their cycle 1 selections had lost a big portion of the betting bank, but I must stress this is a decision I’ve taken, rather than being their advice. My new cycle 3 betting bank is currently showing a +23.1 % profit. Whether it proves a good or bad decision remains to be seen.

Double Chance

Things are looking a bit more rosy for the Bank Builder Double Chance selections. Had Sunday’s results all gone the right way, my betting bank would have been back in profit by now. However as it stands it’s still down -29.2%, but at least heading in the right direction. The overall strike rate has improved to 83%.

When the betting bank gets back to break even, I intend to withdraw the wild card funds. That way the wild card can be used again, if things take a turn for the worse. This is different from what Football Advisor advise, but to me makes sense.

Over Under

Not that many selections for this betting model, over the past week, but those that they did give out were all successful and the bank growth is now up +32.9%

Future Updates

In future I’ll just be reporting on the Bank Builder selections at the end of each month, unless any of the cycles double their respective betting bank, in which case I’ll  write an additional post.

Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 8

The International break did little to revive the fortunes of the Bank Builder Selections. The betting bank continued it’s downward spiral and currently stands at -74% of the initial bank + wild card. The strike rate for this cycle now stands at 74.4%, which is well below their expected range of 85-95%.

The bank is now going to need to be doubled through twice, to get back to where it started and a third time to meet the cycle objective.

In addressing the situation, they had this message for members

If you are considering stopping following the selections then I’d counter with this. We’re in a position now, what poker players would call ‘pot committed’. There is little upside to withdrawing what we have remaining compared to what has been invested to date and I would suggest that it is better to hold your nerve and continue on rather than compound any losses by stopping now.

It was always going to be a high risk high reward strategy and emphasizes the reason why you should only gamble with money you can afford to lose. I’m All In and hopefully there’ll be a pot worth winning by the end of the season.

Double Chance

Not much better news to report for the Bank Builder Double Chance. As I expected they invoked the wild card, but the strike rate hasn’t improved and is currently at 80.6% for the cycle. Overall my betting bank is down 45% on the initial bank + wild card.

Over Under

They’ve analysed a new potentially profitable area for their Bank Builder model, using the goals over / under markets and will be giving these selections away free to members of their original Bank Builder and Double Chance services, until such times that those services meet their objective of doubling the bank.

They advise these selections can also be backed as singles, doubles, trebles and accas, but I’ll be reporting on them just using the Bank Builder staking method.

The first weekend saw the selections survive a couple of squeaky bum moments and my bank growth for these is currently up +20.3%.

With a bit of luck the bank growth from these bets can make up for the loses on the original bank builder bet.

Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 7

The International break couldn’t come early enough for the Football Advisor Bank Builder services.

Bank Builder has continued its trend of 1 step forward 2 steps back. The strike rate for cycle 2 is currently 77.8%, still well below the expected range of 85-95%.

My betting bank stands at £137.31, which is down -£87.69, from the original investment + wild card of £225, -39%.

The Bank Builder Double Chance is also struggling, with a strike rate of 81%, which has left my betting bank down -59.7%. I imagine it’s pretty likely they’ll invoke the wild card on this one after the International break and hope the selections start to perform a bit better.

Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 6

It’s been a case of 1 step forward 2 steps back for the Bank Builder since my last update. Having been down 23.4% at the last update, my betting bank almost got back to it’s initial £150, but it is now down 50% to £75.02.

This shows the volatile nature of the Bank Builder system. I’d class it as a high risk / reward strategy.

The strike rate for cycle 2 is currently 78.9%, which is well below their expected range of 85 – 95%.

With the bank down to half they’ve invoked what they call their wild card, which provides a boost to the betting bank, to aid the loss recovery. Having previously doubled the bank in cycle 1, I’m able to use some of the profits already banked, to fund the wild card, but anyone joining will need to fund it from additional reserve funds. It’s for this reason I put an additional £300 aside, prior to the start of cycle 1.

They state it’s almost impossible to lose the entire betting bank, well that’s going to be put to the test today, as the entire betting bank is going to be at risk at one time. That wasn’t something I was expecting to happen, so it’s going to be interesting to see how it pans out. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that the bank isn’t wiped out by this time tomorrow.

Bank Builder Double Chance

Football Advisor have launched an additional Bank Builder System, which they claim has completed 14 bank doubling cycles in the past 12 months.

It launched last Saturday and was only made available to existing Bank Builder customers and those on the waiting list for cycle 3.

I’ve subscribed to this new service and will also be reporting how my betting bank gets on with this.

I’ll start by saying I like the selection method for this service, as it opens up a number of different ways to place the bets, so not everyone is competing to place their bets in the same betting markets.

Unfortunately it’s not got off to the greatest of starts, within the first couple of days the betting bank had dropped 47%. The last couple of days have seen a recovery and at the time of writing it’s down 29.4%.

The strike rate is expected to be similar to the original Bank Builder, between 85 – 95%, but is currently running at just 78%, so hopefully a few winning bets in a row, will get things back on track.

Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 5

Not the best of weekend’s for the Football Advisor Bank Builder system. The cycle 2 betting bank took a bit of a hit and my starting bank of £150 is currently down to £114.96 (-23.4%).

The get out of jail free card was used up on Friday when a 97th minute penalty awarded by VAR saved the day. But with the free card used, there was nothing to save the day over the weekend.

In one match on Saturday, the home team dominated possession, but managed to lose 1-0 and that was followed on Sunday by a team throwing away a 2-0 lead to finish with a Desmond (2-2).

The strike rate for this cycle is currently running at 78.6%, which is below the expected strike rate range of 85-95%. Overall across the 2 cycles it’s 87.5%, so still well within the range.

Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 4

A very quick update on the Bank Builder this week. With the International break for the UEFA Nations League matches there have been no bets since the last update, so the Cycle 2 betting bank remains 20% up.

Personally I’m pleased they’ve not put any bets up during the week, as it shows they’re prepared to wait for the right bets to come along, rather than risk the betting bank by putting up selections for the sake of it.

Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 3

It was a good weekend for the Football Advisor Bank Builder, with 100% winning bets. The loses from the opening bet to Cycle 2 have now been recouped and my betting bank is now up 20% on the cycle.

Saturday saw the most bets in 1 day since the start of the season. This meant at one point, during the day, there was a 25 minute window to recalculate betting stakes for the later matches, but it was good example of one measure they use to safeguard the betting bank.

Things got a bit tight in one of the games. I was watching the latter stages of the match via Betfair’s live stream and the opposition goalkeeper seemed to be saving everything. Thankfully an 87th minute goal secured the victory and kept the bank rolling on.

In a previous post I said the success or failure of the system will very much depend upon how high a strike rate they can achieve on their selections, with them aiming for a strike rate between 85 – 95%.

So far across the 2 cycles the strike rate has been 94.4%, which is right at the top end of their expected range. Hopefully they can maintain that level of consistency, but I’m sure there will be some blips along the way.

Cycle 2 is now closed to new members, but you can register your interest in Cycle 3 at

Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 2

Cycle 1

I’m pleased to report that over the weekend Football Advisor – Bank Builder, successfully completed Cycle 1. The aim of each cycle is to double the betting bank.

It took just 15 days to complete the cycle, with 10 winning bets out of 10. Strictly speaking they didn’t quite double the betting bank. They made a 97% increase, but considered the risk / reward ratio didn’t warrant the extra bet, to achieve the few extra pounds to make it exactly 100%.

My view is that was totally the right decision to make. I achieved a 98% bank increase, based upon the odds I obtained via Betfair and I’m sure a lot of members would have made over 100%, taking advantage of a wider range of bookmakers. I like the fact they were looking to safeguard members profits, rather than sticking to a rigid set of rules.

Cycle 2

With cycle 1 complete they went straight into cycle 2 with the following day’s bets. This was an opportunity for new members to join the service, with existing members needing to renew their subscription to continue receiving the selections.

At this point I’m pleased I opted for the season long membership.

So far I’ve banked a profit of £146.82 and start the new cycle back with a betting bank of £150.

After 10 wins in a row for cycle 1, it was perhaps inevitable, given their expected strike rate of between 85 – 95%, that cycle 2 would start with a losing bet.

It was disappointing to back a loser, but it did endorse their decision to end cycle 1 at the time they did.

Cycle 2 has bounced back a little, from the opening losing bet. My current betting bank stands at £129.74, down 13.5%. The strike rate across both cycles is 92%, which is near the top end of the expected range.

Cycle 2 was due to close on Sunday to new members, but at the time of writing, the registration page still appears open.

It could be that as the cycle 2 betting bank is currently showing a loss, they’ve left registration open, as anyone signing up now will still be able to double their betting bank if they join this cycle.