WhoScored – Update 7

Champions League

It pretty much remained as you were for the WhoScored Champions League predictions. They guessed the correct result in half of the matches, including Tottenham getting a draw at Real Madrid, which produced a small loss of 1.02 points.

Of the results they predicted correctly, they got the correct score in two of the games. With Feyenoord losing 2-1 at home to Shakhtar Donetsk and Bayern Munich beating Celtic 3-0, they wiped their face (as the guy off treasure hunt would say) on the correct scores.

Overall that brings their combined loss to -32.42 points after 3 rounds of Champions League games, so they’ll be hoping to do better in the reverse set of group matches.

WhoScored – Update 6

Premier League

It was a good weekend for the WhoScored with their Premier League predictions, thanks mainly to them correctly guessing Watford would beat Arsenal 2-1, which in itself gave a profit of 4.5 points for the result and 16 points for the correct score.

They correctly predicted the result of 3 of the remaining 8 matches and with 1 game still to be played tonight between Leicester and WBA, their overall profit for the weekend stands at 2.26 points for their result predictions and 8 points for the correct scores.

A combined profit of 10.26 points profit, reduced their overall loss to 7.62 points.

The Championship

Not quite so good for their Championship predictions, they guessed the correct result in half of the 12 games, which gave a profit of 3.08 points, but only got the score correct in 1 of those matches, so it was a loss of 5 points for the correct scores, giving a combined loss of 1.92 points for the weekend.

Overall though they’re still in profit for their Championship predictions, with a profit of 6.32 points since I started monitoring their results.

This week sees the return of the Champions League, so I’ll be back on Thursday with a round-up of their predictions on those matches.

WhoSored – Update 5

It was a weekend of contrasting fortunes for the WhoScored predictions.

Premier League

Manchested United and Tottenham were the big scorers in the Premier League this weekend, bagging 4 goals a piece. Elsewhere goals were a little hard to come by, with 6 of the games scoring under 2.5 goals.

WhoScored were unable to repeat their fine form of last weekend with their predictions. They got the result right in 4 of the 10 matches, but didn’t get the correct score in any of the games, which gave them a loss of 2.68 points for the results predictions and -10 points for the correct scores.

This gave a combined loss on the weekend of 12.68 points and increased their overall loss on Premier League matches to 17.88 points since I started to monitor the results.

The Championship

WhoScored fared much better in their Championship predictions. They only got 5 out of the 7 results correct, but of those 5, they predicted the correct score in 3. This gave them a loss of 0.64 points for the result predictions, but a whopping 29 points profit for the correct scores thanks to correctly predicting QPR 1 v 2 Fulham, Ipswich 1 v 3 Bristol City and Middlesbro 2 v 2 Brentford (excellent calls on the last two).

The combined profit of 28.36 points, sees them into the black, now with an overall profit of 8.24, on their Championship predictions, since monitoring began.

With the International break next weekend, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, with the next update.

WhoScored – Update 4

WhoScored were unable to carry their good performance from the weekend through to the mid-week matches.

Premier League

The Monday Night Football game between Arsenal and WBA went the way WhoSored predicted, with a 2-0 win to Arsenal boosting their combined weekend Premier League profit to 24.45 points and reducing their overall loss to 5.2 points, since I started monitoring their predictions.

The Championship

Just 4 correct results and no correct scores saw mid-week losses of -3.8 and -12 points respectively, for their Championship predictions. This brings their overall loss to -4.62 points for bets on their result predictions and -15.5 points betting on their correct score predictions.

Champions League

This week saw the return of the Champions League group matches. WhoScored correctly predicted the result in 10 of the 16 matches, but due to the low odds for many of the games, it resulted in a loss of -1.17 points across the two days.

They were unable to predict the correct score in any of the games, which meant a loss of -16 points on those predictions. Overall that brings their combined loss of -31.4 points after the two rounds of Champions League games.

They’ve started posting their predictions for the weekend Premier League and Championship matches, so I’ll be back early next week to report how they get on.

Home and Away Form

When looking to have a bet on the Full Time Result of a match it can be worthwhile assessing a teams home and away form separately.

If we look at the current Premier League table we see Burnley, Leicester and Middlesbrough all grouped towards the top of the lower half of the table.


However that doesn’t paint a true picture when we’re looking to bet on any of those, as there’s been a stark contrast between their home and away form.

The Sporting Life web site provides an option to view the tables based upon just the home form or just the away form.

If we first look at just the home form, we see a different picture with Burnley 5th in the table, Leicester 7th, while Middlesborough are down in 19th place.


Similarly if we view the away form on it’s own, Middlesborough jump up to 9th, while Leicester and Burnley occupy the bottom 2 positions in the table.

premier-away So based upon this evidence both Leicester and Burnley would appear strong candidates for a win when playing at home, but better to oppose when playing away.

If you look at Middlesbrough’s record, you’ll see they’ve drawn 5 times when travelling away, so even though they’re only 15th in the overall table, they’re quite likely to upset a few teams when playing away.

Tomorrow I’ll show you another web site that enables you to break down the home and away form further.