Profit from red cards, injuries and players who never score

Matt Houghton at Betting Rant has written an interesting article about the world of sports spread betting and a new service that’ll be launching soon, called SpreadJacker, run by a guy called Adam Cheng.

The market that SpreadJacker will be focusing on is unlike any other. Rather than betting on the outcome of a match, you’ll be betting on individual performance of a specific player.

This means everything the player does contributes to how much you win or lose and because the bet lasts the whole match (assuming the player doesn’t get subbed, injured or sent off) you’re firmly fixed to the action regardless of what the score is.

Players earn points based upon what they do in the game (e.g. shots, assists, goals and passes made in the oppositions half of the pitch). The points are worked out by OPTA, so everything is independently accessed, not set by the spread betting firms.

Most live games are covered by the spread betting firms Sporting Index and Spreadex.

Click the image below to read Matt’s full article, or see a video interview by Core Sport with Adam Cheng at:

Profit from red cards, injuries and players who never score

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