Over 2.5 Goals – System 4 Trial – Week 3 Results

With it being an International break, I thought I’d report the results of last weekend’s over 2.5 goals selections now, rather than wait a week to bring them to you.

Of the 10 matches posted prior to the weekend, 6 scored over the required 2.5 goals with 4 scoring under. This generated a profit of £4.30 to £10 level stakes, taking the overall profit to £1 based upon bet365 odds.

You’ll see below that there are 2 additional matches I’ve highlighted in red. These are matches that didn’t originally qualify as bets (as the odds at the time weren’t sufficient).

I’ve shown them in the table below, but have not included them in the bet returns, as I didn’t put them up on the blog prior to the matches being played.

Over the weekend I rechecked the odds and noticed they’d drifted on the 2 matches, which thus made them qualifying bets.

The second table shows the profit / loss I’ve made from actually backing the selections, including the additional 2 matches.

As the primary purpose of the review is to see if the System 4 method is profitable, I thought it would be best to show a complete list of the best I’ve made following the system.

As you can see, both of the extra bets were successful, which takes my actual profit following the system to +£18.33.

Clearly the profit / loss of the system will vary from person to person who follow it, based upon which bookmakers they use and the time at which they check the available odds.

While testing the system I’ll continue to check odds where possible, up to the start of a match to see if additional games qualify as bets.