New Football Betting Service

Football Winner is a new service just launched and they’re running an early bird introductory offer. From now until Sunday 2nd December they’re offering a 1 year membership for £67 (£80.40 including VAT) compared with £14.95 for the monthly subscription.

Tips are provided as either win only or win doubles / trebles. They use a 100 point betting bank and advise bets as either 2.5 or 5 points. So you could say they use a 40 point betting bank and bet either 1 or 2 points.

Profit figures on their site are based upon £10 or £100 a point. So when they say you could turn £100 into £21,077.50, what they mean is betting that would have been the profit staking £100 a point, which would be bets of either £250 or £500, depending upon whether they’re 2.5 or 5 point bets.

A spreadsheet with a full breakdown of their results from 5th May, can be downloaded from their site. Selections are from the main European football leagues, as well as games in the USA MLS, China and International matches.

The service sounds interesting. I’ll be taking up the early bird offer and will be reporting on the blog how the service performs. For testing I’ll setup a £200 betting bank and will bet £5 or £10 stakes.

You can either check back on the blog, to see how they perform, or if you want to try the service for yourself, click here to join.

When you join they give you the option to also subscribe to an additional Premier League service for £37 for the year. I didn’t take up that option, as I’m already following Josh Wright’s Premier League selections, so I’ll just be reporting the results for the main service.