infogol World Cup Tips – update 4

Down to just 4 teams in the 2018 World Cup and who’d have thought England would still be in it, while countries like Germany, Spain and Brazil are back home watching on their TVs.

In a World Cup where there have been a fair few upsets, here’s an update on how the infogol tips have performed.


With 3 of the last 16 matches and 1 of the 1/4 finals going to extra time and penalties it was always going to be a struggle for them to make a profit from their predictions, given that they don’t seem to ever predict a draw.

They were however correct in half of the games and did manage to bank an additional profit of just over 1/2 point, which brings their overall profit to +7.48 points.

With just 4 games remaining in the tournament they are now guaranteed to finish in profit from their predictions.

Analyst Verdict

Not as good results from their Analyst Verdict tips, with just 5 results going their way. An additional loss of -1.5 points, brings their overall loss to -2.28.

They’ve lumped on Belgium and England in the semi-finals, so if those 2 reach the final, there’s still chance they could finish up in profit. For England’s sake, let’s hope they’re right;-)


They also struggled with the Value tips, with 2 winners, from their 8 selections. A combined profit of +5 points from the 2 winners, ensured they only incurred a loss of -1 point over the 2 rounds and reduced their overall profit to +5.6 points.

Again with just 4 matches remaining, they’re guaranteed to finish the tournament with a profit.