infogol World Cup Tips – Update 2

All the teams have now completed their 2nd round of group matches, the tables are starting to take shape and some of the teams have already qualified for the knockout stages of the tournament. So how did the infogol app get on with their 3 types of tip?


After the first round of group matches the predictions were showing a small loss of -0.91 points, but the 2nd round of games were more profitable, with 12 wins from 16 matches giving a profit of +3.69 points, giving an overall profit of +2.78 points.

The lack of draws in the matches was a big contributing factor, as the app always seems to predict a win for either 1 team or the other. 2 of the matches where the prediction was unsuccessful were where the match was drawn.

Analyst Verdict

Again a small loss was carried over from the first round of group matches and things seemed to be improving with the early 2nd round of matches, but then it came to Groups F, G and H and all 6 results went against their analysis.

A loss of -3.06 points brings the overall loss to -3.89 points,


Having carried over a profit of +6.4 points from the first round of group matches, things looked great when they added an additional +1.8 points from the next 2 games played, but then things took a turn for the worse.

The turning point seemed to be the Uruguay v Saudi Arabia where at the time I checked their tips it was showing a draw as the value bet at 17/2 on Betfair. That was a few days before the game. By the time the day of the game came around, the odds for the draw had dropped to 11/2 and it was no longer deemed a value bet.

Depending upon when you look at the app it is therefore possible you’ll see different tips for the value bet.

Overall there was only 8 value bets from the 16 matches played, which reduced the profit to +3.82 points.

The final round of group matches start tomorrow, so I’ll report back on the performance before the knockout stage begins.