infogol App is an app from the company famous for the Timeform ratings, available for both App Store and Google Play. It analyses the underlying events in a match. It uses their expected goals model to create a clearer picture of the game, rather than simply looking at the final score.

The app uses it’s analytics to build pre-match and in-play content, data and visuals to enhance your enjoyment of the game and hopefully help you to bet smarter.

With the 2018 World Cup just getting underway I thought I’d take a closer look and see what the infogol app has to offer.


The infogol stats area currently covers the English Premier League and Championship, Spanish La Liga, Champions League, Europa League and of course the World Cup. They intend adding more competitions in future.

For each league you can current league tables, as well as their interpretation of where they think each team should be now and at the end of the competition, based upon their model.

You can get a summary of each teams performance and then drill down into information on each of the individual players.

I’ll look into the stats provided in more detail at a later date, but for now I want to concentrate on it’s betting tips.

Predictions Analyst Verdict and Value

The betting tips can be accessed easily by tapping on the “Tips” option on the menu that’s always displayed at the bottom of the screen.

That brings up a screen listing all of the day’s fixtures that have been analysed. These can be filtered has to which type of tips you wish to see and can be sorted via either competition of time.

They offer 3 different types of tip:

  • Prediction – The most likely match outcome based upon the infogol model;
  • Analyst Verdict – If the infogol predicted outcome is not deemed to be “value”, then the analyst will suggest an alternative market for the match based on simulations of the match usin team ratings. The amount of value the selection offers, is represented by the number of footballs, on a scale of 1 – 5 (with 5 indicating the highest value);
  • Value – Represents the outcome where the available Betfair odds are bigger than the probability of the outcome, based upon the infogol model. The number of footballs signifies the level of discrepancy.

Looking at the infogol prediction for yesterday’s opening match of the tournament they predicted Russia to win, which at the Betfair odds of 40/85, was considered a value bet, with a rating of 1. There was no separate value tip for the game.

Throughout the World Cup I’ll keep tabs on their tips and see how they perform during the tournament.