Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 9

The weekend didn’t start well for the Bank Builder and after Saturday’s selections my betting bank for cycle 2 was down -81.9% of initial stake + wild card. Sunday and Monday saw it recover some of the losses, but my betting bank is still down -77.7%.

The strike rate for this cycle is currently 75%, so still well below their expected 85-95% range.

I’ve decided to go a bit off piste backing these selections and have setup a 2nd betting bank that I’d held in reserve and have started a 3rd cycle backing the bank builder selections.

This is similar to what they did last year when their cycle 1 selections had lost a big portion of the betting bank, but I must stress this is a decision I’ve taken, rather than being their advice. My new cycle 3 betting bank is currently showing a +23.1 % profit. Whether it proves a good or bad decision remains to be seen.

Double Chance

Things are looking a bit more rosy for the Bank Builder Double Chance selections. Had Sunday’s results all gone the right way, my betting bank would have been back in profit by now. However as it stands it’s still down -29.2%, but at least heading in the right direction. The overall strike rate has improved to 83%.

When the betting bank gets back to break even, I intend to withdraw the wild card funds. That way the wild card can be used again, if things take a turn for the worse. This is different from what Football Advisor advise, but to me makes sense.

Over Under

Not that many selections for this betting model, over the past week, but those that they did give out were all successful and the bank growth is now up +32.9%

Future Updates

In future I’ll just be reporting on the Bank Builder selections at the end of each month, unless any of the cycles double their respective betting bank, in which case I’ll  write an additional post.