Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 5

Not the best of weekend’s for the Football Advisor Bank Builder system. The cycle 2 betting bank took a bit of a hit and my starting bank of £150 is currently down to £114.96 (-23.4%).

The get out of jail free card was used up on Friday when a 97th minute penalty awarded by VAR saved the day. But with the free card used, there was nothing to save the day over the weekend.

In one match on Saturday, the home team dominated possession, but managed to lose 1-0 and that was followed on Sunday by a team throwing away a 2-0 lead to finish with a Desmond (2-2).

The strike rate for this cycle is currently running at 78.6%, which is below the expected strike rate range of 85-95%. Overall across the 2 cycles it’s 87.5%, so still well within the range.