Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 3

It was a good weekend for the Football Advisor Bank Builder, with 100% winning bets. The loses from the opening bet to Cycle 2 have now been recouped and my betting bank is now up 20% on the cycle.

Saturday saw the most bets in 1 day since the start of the season. This meant at one point, during the day, there was a 25 minute window to recalculate betting stakes for the later matches, but it was good example of one measure they use to safeguard the betting bank.

Things got a bit tight in one of the games. I was watching the latter stages of the match via Betfair’s live stream and the opposition goalkeeper seemed to be saving everything. Thankfully an 87th minute goal secured the victory and kept the bank rolling on.

In a previous post I said the success or failure of the system will very much depend upon how high a strike rate they can achieve on their selections, with them aiming for a strike rate between 85 – 95%.

So far across the 2 cycles the strike rate has been 94.4%, which is right at the top end of their expected range. Hopefully they can maintain that level of consistency, but I’m sure there will be some blips along the way.

Cycle 2 is now closed to new members, but you can register your interest in Cycle 3 at