Football Advisor Bank Builder – Update 10

With it being the end of the year I thought it would be a good time to provide an update on how things have been getting on with the Football Advisor Bank Builder services.

I have to say following the betting strategy is very much a roller coaster ride and for anyone thinking of joining I’d certainly recommend you only include it as a small part of your overall betting portfolio.

Currently there’s 3 for their Bank Builder strategies that I’ve been following. For each service I’ll first report their official results and then how I’ve got on following the service.

They run each service in terms of cycles, with the intention of each cycle to double your betting bank.

Bank Builder

This system is straight forward backing the home teams to win.

Cycle 1  – Completed in 15 days with their initial betting bank of £1,000 doubling (well almost) to £1,972.10. Giving a profit of £972.10.

Cycle 2 – After a 100% strike rate with cycle 1, things have not gone so well for the 2nd cycle. The initial betting bank of £1,000 + a wild card injection of £500 currently stands at £71.78. A loss of £1,428.22 (-95.2%). It’s going to be a long road back to breaking even, let alone doubling the initial bank.

Cycle 3 – Although cycle 2 is still going, at the beginning of December they advised members to setup a new betting bank in order to hopefully capitalise on the selections, while waiting for cycle 2 to recover. Things have gone well so far for cycle 3, with the initial £1,000 having increased to £1,593 (up 59%). Profit £593.

Overall backing the selections to their stakes and odds would have provided a current profit of £136.88.

With cycle 2 doing so badly they upgraded all member to lifetime membership of both the Bank Builder and Under/Over services.

Backing the selections I’ve been more conservative with the betting bank, starting with £150 bank.

Cycle 1 – Doubled to £296.82 for a profit of (146.82)

Cycle 2 – Initial betting bank of £150 + £75 wild card. Current bank stands at £14.12. A loss of £210.88 (-93.7%)

Cycle 3 – As detailed in my previous update, I started cycle 3 earlier than Football Advisor (cycle 2 was already down 82% at the time I started cycle 3). After initially being in profit, a run of losing bets meant that I invoked the wild card. From an initial bank of £150 + £75 wild card, my betting bank currently sits at £137.88, down £87.12 (-38.7%).

Overall I’m currently showing a loss of -£151.19 (£146.82 – £210.88 – £87.12).

In general I feel I’m just about able to get the prices they advise at, although sometimes the prices they quote are gone well before the email goes out to members.

Double Chance

This system places bets in the Double chance market (i.e win + draw)

Cycle 1  (which they refer to as cycle 15) – Had it’s ups and downs. The initial bank of £1,000 + £500 Wild card eventually got to £2,556.60 to make a profit of £1,056.60.

Cycle 2 (cycle 16) – Has not fared so well. After a good start, a run of results going against, meant that the wild card had to again be invoked. Things have yet to pick up and the current betting bank stands at £419.40, which is a loss of -£1,080.60 (-72%) on their initial bank of £1,000 + £500 wild card.

Overall backing the selections to their stakes and odds would have provided a current loss of -£24.

How I’ve got on backing the selections.

Cycle 1 – Buoyed by the success the original Bank Builder cycle 1, I started with an initial betting bank of £300, to which I needed to add £150 wild card. Once the betting bank got to break even I withdrew the wild card. This is different to what Football Advisor suggest, but is what I felt more comfortable with, given what had gone on up to that point. When the cycle had made £150 profit I decided to count that as having doubled an initial betting bank of £150 (as it fitted in with the new bank strategy I’d come up with for following the services – I’ll post details of this in the new year). Profit £150.69.

Cycle 2 – Started with an initial bank of £200, which double to just over £400 in the space of less than 2 weeks. Profit £203.14.

Cycle 3 – Initial bank of £270 + £135 wild card currently sits at £115.30. Loss of £289.70

Overall I’m currently showing a Profit of +£64.13 (£150.69 + £203.14 – £289.70)

Usually I’m able to obtain better prices than those they advise.

Over Under

Backing selections in the total goals over / under markets. Odds are usually very low, but they do have long winning runs.

Cycle 1 – Their initial betting bank of £1,000 currently stands at £1,418.79 (+41.9%)

How I’ve got on backing the selections.

In general I’ve managed to achieve better odds than those they’ve advised. At one point I was just 1 bet away from doubling the betting bank, but an 87th minute goal took the game over the total goals. They’re currently on a good winning streak and my initial bank of £150 currently stands at £272.31 (+81.5%), so as you can see, in percentage terms I’ve been well outperforming their advised odds. If the current winning run is extended for a few more bets, my bank will have doubled. But I’ve been there before with these bets, so who knows what’s in store.

Betting Banks

The bank builder method is definitely a high risk, high reward service and having backed the selections for a few months now I’ve settled upon a betting bank structure that will hopefully provide a bit of a safeguard, while also providing a way to increase long term profits. I’ll outline more about the method I’ve adopted, in the new year.