Football Advisor Bank Builder – Staking Plan

New Years day was a bit of a disaster for the Bank Builder Double Chance selections, wiping out nearly 75% of their betting bank, so that it now stands at just 7% of the initial bank + wildcard.

With it being FA Cup weekend the Football Advisor team are taking a break to lick their wounds and decide the best way forward to recover the losses from this cycle of bets.

With it being such a high risk strategy I’ve always thought this kind of loss was possible, for any of the methods they run under the Bank Builder heading. The following staking plan is what I’ve devised to hopefully handle such losses, yet provide scope to take advantage of the bank doubling, when the results go the right way.

Divide the betting  bank into 3

My approach has been to decide upon a betting bank that I can afford to lose and then divide it into 3. I then use one third along with their staking plan to bet the bank builder selections.

Half the 2nd third is used in case the initial bank drops to such an extent that the wild card in needed.

I then have another third + wildcard to use as a backup in case the first third + wildcard get’s depleted to such an extent that it would take too longer for the bank to recover.

Here’s an example to help explain it more clearly:

Start with a total bank of £450, which I divide into 2 banks of £150 and 2 wildcards of £75.

Use £150 as my initial betting bank, using the Football Advisor staking plan. If the cycle is successful and the bank doubles (to £300) I add that back into my overall bank, which is now £600, split it into 3 again and begin the next cycle with £200.

If the £150 bank suffers a significant drop, add in the £75 wild card.  If the bank gets back to break even at £225 (£150 + £75), withdraw the wildcard, then hopefully the remainder will recover to £300, at which time I follow the above step and add it back into the overall bank and split it into 3 again.

If after adding in the wildcard the bank continues to fall, to such an extent that it has with the current Double Chance cycle, I then bring in the remaining £150 of my initial bank to start a new cycle and have the other  £75 wildcard as a backup for that cycle.

If that cycle doubles I’ll then have total funds of £375, which I’ll again split into 3, to start the next cycle, which will again bet alongside the original recovering cycle.