Update On OLBG Hot Tipsters

A quick final look at the OLBG Hot Tipsters. Firstly it seems Safeseen is not actually the current top performing football tipster. As you can see from the screenshot I just grabbed, Tarasque is ahead of him.

He obviously didn’t have any selections logged previously so wasn’t listed in the table.

Second I’m pleased to say it looks like they’ve fixed the issue I mentioned a couple of days ago that was effecting the figures shown on the Safeseen tips page, although I’m not sure they’ve completely fixed the issue as it still appears wrong for Tarasque. Hopefully it’s still something they’re looking at.

There definitely looks to be a few tipsters worth keeping an eye on and I’ll report back from time to time on how they’re getting on, but if you’re interested in following any yourself just head over to the OLBG Football Hot Tipsters section.

Safeseen A Tipster To Follow?

Yesterday I posted about my search for a Free Football Tipster to follow. My search lead me to the OLBG web site, but I was confused as there seemed to be an issue with data on their web site.

I contacted OLBG about the issue and received a reply to say they’d forward it to their tech guys to take a look. They suggested that the issue may be connected to tipsters also tipping on other sports. So hopefully they’ll get the issue fixed soon.

Yesterday there were the following 5 tips showing for safeseen in the Hot Tipster section:

Results were pretty impressive, with 4 out of the 5 bets winning.

  • Draw – Red Star Belgrade HT/FT : The match was 1-1 at half time and 2-1 to Red Star at full time – Bet Won @ 4.2
  • Newcastle Win : Newcastle won 2-0 – Bet Won @ 1.70
  • Newcastle #2-0 : Newcastle won 2-0 – Bet Won @ 8.00
  • Chelsea Win : Chelsea won 1-0 – Bet Won @ 1.45
  • Diego Costa First Goalscorer : Cesc Fabregas first scorer – Bet Lost

Profit of 10.35 points on the day.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, tipsters only appear in their Hot Tipsters list if they’ve got a current bet entered into the system. Looking at the list today, there’s a couple of extra tipsters showing at the top, who obviously didn’t have any bets yesterday.

Combining them with yesterday’s list, would put Phokamba 3rd in the list and Irnwho 5th. Both show a good profit over the past 6 months, although Irnwho’s current loss for this month would drop him down the table in what appears to be his 6th month tipping on the site.

As far as I can see there doesn’t seem to be any way to view the past bets that make up this tables. OLBG provide a Tipster Search option under their Members & Tipster Competitions section.

But that seems to bring up a different set of bets for the tipster. For instance if I search for Safeseen in that section :

It includes bets for other sports.

But if I scroll down through yesterday’s results you’ll also see a number of additional football bets, which weren’t included in the Hot Tipsters section yesturday.

Looking at his full profile in that section, you’ll see he’s made losses over the last 5 months, so clearly it’s just the selections that get included in the Hot Tipsters section that are the ones to follow.

So it looks like Tips in the Hot Tipsters section are entered separately from those in the competition, I’ll have to have more of a dig around on the OLBG site to get a better understanding on this.

Looking For A Free Tipster To Follow

Today I thought I’d have a look round to see if I could find any good Free Tipsters to follow.

My first port of call was Statarea’s user prediction section, as I knew they had had a strong community of users making predictions. Initial signs were encouraging as they had a number of tipsters showing a good profit, so far this month. However when I drilled down into their previous months performance they all seemed to have either only recently started putting their predictions on the site or had made substantial loses in previous months.

The site seems to concentrate on short term profits, showing week by week or month by month tables, but I couldn’t see any at a glance way way view longer term performance, so it was a case of click on to each individual tipster and then them through their results month at a time.

I may go back and have another look in future, but for now I decided to have a look elsewhere.

Second Stop was the OLBG site, as again I was aware they had a strong community of tipsters:

From the top menu I selected “Free Tips & Tipsters”. You’ll see they have tipsters for horse racing, football and various other sports.

I clicked on “Hot Tipsters”. I needed to register on their site before it would let me see the info, which is fair enough.

As you can see of their Top 10, 7 are horse racing tipsters, 1 is a golf tipster and there’s 2 football tipster, Safeseen in 6th position and Footballfreak in 9th.

Earlier when I looked at the table, there’d only been 1 football tipster (Safeseen) in the top 10, which confused me slightly, but then I spotted underneath where it says Hot Tipsters, it says, “Only tipsters with current tips are shown in this list”. Footballfreak had obviously been in and posted a selection.

I tried looking around the rest of the site to see if I could find a full list of tipsters, including those who didn’t currently have any tips up. I looked at Tipster Tables under the “Members & Tipster Competition” menu, but that only showed figures broken down into each of the competitions, so wasn’t able to find a full list that included all football bets (please add a comment below if you know where it’s listed on the OLBG site).

For now I’ll just look at those tipsters who have got a current tip logged on their site. I’ll check their site again later to see if any others appear in the top 10.

So of the top 10 Safeseen’s 6 months performance looks pretty good. He has a strike rate of 41% and has made a profit in each of the last 6 months.

That all looks impressive, but then when I click on his name, the data doesn’t tie up with the Hot Tipsters table. The 6 months Level Stakes Profit (LSP) shows the same, but the strike rate shows double at 82%, where as the LSP for December shows as 0 and it’s only showing 3 profitable months from the last 6. It would therefore appear there are some Gremlins in the table.

Of the other top 10, the information tied up for some of them, but not all. For example Footballfreak and Stretchpaul the information tied up

But Evenios83 and Titans Choice it was different

Not sure what’s going on here, so I’ll get in touch with OLBG to see if it’s a problem with their system, or something I’m doing wrong.