WhoScored Match Preview

The WhoScored web site provides a lot of great statistical information to help you analyse football matches, part of that is their match preview service, where they use their player ratings and other data to predict the match result.

Here we look at their preview of this Saturday’s lunch time kickoff between Bournemouth and Man City, to show you what’s included in their preview.

Match Information

First up they provide the essential match information, including date and time of the match, plus the latest 1×2 betting odds. They also include a simple dropdown list, so you can easily switch to a preview of another match from the same division.

Probable Lineups

They provide what they think will be the playing formation and player lineup for each of the teams, they maintain a ranking for each player and show these, so you can get an idea of where a team is likely to prove strong and any weaknesses that are likely to get exploited during the match. Their average player ratings give an indication as to which is likely to be the stronger team.

Obviously the team lineups are likely to be different in the actual match, but it gives a good basis for your analysis.

Missing Players

This is particularly useful information, as it shows which players are either doubtful or long term injured. It also show those that are out through suspension.

Team News

The team news section provides additional information regarding the players that are in or out of the team and assumptions they’ve made when coming up with the probable lineups.

Match Facts

Details of any trends in both current form and head to head details between the two teams. They include relevant odds next to each fact, so you can access if each particular trend is worth following up with a bet.


Given all the data they provide, they then make their prediction as to the result and provide their reasoning behind the prediction.

You can either blindly place your bets following their prediction. As you can see below they provide several suggestions on how to back their prediction, whether it be as a 1×2 bet, correct score or goals under/over market.

Alternatively you could use all the stats they provide to make your own match prediction.

User Predictions

If you register with their web site you can add your own match prediction to the preview. Their graphs show all the users predictions and indicate the most favoured scores ad results.


Overall they provide some great information, a lot of which you wont find anywhere else and if you intend having a bet on a match it’ll be worthwhile looking at their preview before placing your bet.

If you use the WhoScored match preview let us know what you think in the comments below.

Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

A popular football bet type is where you back both teams to score (referred to as BTTS). So no matter which team wins the match, or if it’s a draw, as long as both teams score at least one goal during the game, you win your bet.

For this type of bet you’re not particularly looking for the best teams, as you don’t want a match so one sided that one of the teams will never look like scoring

The WinDrawWin web site provides some good stats on which teams have the best strike rate for BTTS bets.

Their table shows the top teams, how many league games they’ve played this season, the percentage of those where both teams have scored, when their next match is and latest odds on a winning bet.

At the time of writing, their web site reports there’s been 28,211 games played this season, across all the leagues they cover. Of those, both teams have scored in 13,906 matches, which gives a percentage of 49.3%.

Some leagues have significantly more games where both teams score than other leagues and WinDrawWin also provide stats on which leagues have a higher percentage than others.


Live Score Updates

To get live updates when goals are scored in the matches I’ve had a bet in I use the mobile app from FlashScore.com. The app’s available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices and alerts are issued very soon after each goal is scored.

When you open the app on your mobile you get greeted with a list of the days matches. The top section shows matches from leagues and cups included within your “Favourite Competitions”, followed by other Leagues in alphabetical order.

My screen shots are from an iPhone, so things may look slightly different if you’re using an iPad or Android device.


You can add or remove leagues or cups from your list of favourites, by tapping on the option under the list of matches for that competition.

Click on the star to the left of any match you wish to track and it will get added to your list of games to receive updates for.

Then when any goals are scored in the match, you’ll receive an alert on your device.

By swiping on the alert it’ll load the app and show you more details about who scored the goal.

It also keeps you up-to-date wit any substitutions, bookings and sending offs.

Click the Stats tab to see a breakdown of ball possession, goal attempts, free kicks, corners, offsides, throw-ins, saves, total and completed passes.

The Lineups tab shows the teams formations and starting lineups, together with substitutions, goal scorers, bookings and sending offs.

The app is free and is funded by displaying bookmaker free bet and odds banners. It also provides updates for a number of other sports, including Tennis, Cricket, Golf, Snooker, Motorsports, Darts and Horse Racing.

SoccerSTATS Matches Overview

Yesterday I took a look at the Leagues section of the SoccerSTATS web site, today I’ll be diving into the matches section, which you can access via the “Matches” button at the top of their site.

They list matches from the major European leagues first, followed by other countries in alphabetical order.

Scroll down to the match you’re interested in. I’ll have a look at tonight’s match between Brighton and Leeds.

The information they show is based upon league home games for the home team (Brighton) and away games for the away team (Leeds).

  • FTS = % matches where they failed to score
  • CS = % matches where they kept a clean sheet
  • BTS = % matches where both teams scored
  • TG = Average total goals scored in match
  • over = % matches Over 2.5 Goals
  • PPG = Average Points Per Game

At the end of the row are links to more in depth stats about the 2 teams and head to head information. For today I’ll just be looking at the stats page.

Recent Form

Last 8 league results for each of the team, plus last 4 home for the home team and last 4 away for the away team. They also include a few additional stats about the 2 teams.

From this we can see that both teams are in good form at the moment. Brighton are undefeated in their last 13 matches and have scored 71% of their goals at home, where as Leeds have won 5 of their last 6 matches (including their last 3 away), with the only defeat coming against table toppers Newcastle.

Leeds also look to be strongest in the second half of matches, with 74% of their goals coming after half time.

Team Stats

Home and away league tables

These tables confirm how strong Brighton are at home and Leeds good away form.

Goals Breakdown

The next section shows how many times the teams have had each particular scoreline at both full time and half time.

They also show the number of times the teams have won and lost by particular goal margins.

We see that 40% of the time Brighton have been 1-0 up at half time, 30% 0-1 down and 10% 0-0. with only 20% of matches having more than 1 goal by half time.

Leeds have only had 11.1% with more than 1 goal by half time, so we can expect them both to keep things tight during the first half.

Average A & D values gives you an indication on the likely number of total goals in the game, which we see is pretty much bang on 2.5. With both defences seemingly pretty tight, if I was to have a bet in the 2.5 Goals market (which I won’t be) I’d go under 2.5 Goals.

Head To Head

The next section shows sequences for each of the teams, plus previous encounters between the 2 teams.

It shows that Brighton are undefeated in their last 7 at home and last 13 in total, they’ve scored in each of their last 7 home matches. Leeds have not drawn any of their last 9 away games, so it looks like it’s all or nithing for them on their travels lately.

Previous matches between the 2 teams could prove the most telling stat of all. Of their last 10 encounters Leeds have only won once, which was at home in August 2013. Brighton have won the last 3 home matches and put 4 past Leeds on leap years day this year.

This could be a significant fact, but Leeds do look a lot more settled over the past couple of month’s under Garry Monk, so can they buck that trend?

SoccerSTATS Leagues Overview

The SoccerSTATS web site contains a whole host of information for pretty much any match you’d care to bet on. There is so much information available on their site. Over the coming days I’ll dive deeper into the information available on the site, but for today I’ll just give an overview of the league information they provide.

If you’re interested in betting on football matches then I’d definitely recommend you having a dig around their site yourself.

You’ll see from the various different flag images across the top of their site that they provide football stats from a wide range of countries, including all major European leagues, South American, USA and Australia.

The flags provide shortcuts to the main leagues, but a host of other leagues are also available by selecting the “Leagues” button at the very top of the page.

The Leagues page provides the following information:

  • how many matches have been played so far this season
  • percentage of home wins, draws & away wins
  • average number of goals per game (total, home & away)
  • percentage of matches scoring over 1.5 Goals, 2.5 Goals & 3.5 Goals
  • percentage of matches where both teams score

Clicking on an individual league will bring up additional information for that league.


Provides a list of the next up coming matches
Clicking on “Next Matches” brings up more in-depth stats, similar to those under the Preview stats heading below.

Clicking on “All Matches” brings up a fixture list for the full season, including results for matches that have been played.


Shows the current league table in a short format. The form section gives a quick at-a-glance look to the most recent games, with green for a win, yellow for a draw and red for a loss. The most recent results being on the right.

  • PPG shows each teams average points per game for the season
  • CS shows the % of clean sheets kept
  • FTS shows the % of matches where they Failed To Score

At the foot of the table they include interesting facts, which you may find useful when deciding upon what bets to place.

They also provide the following table options:

  • Wide Table – breaks the table down into home and away form
  • Home & Away – Provides separate tables for home and away form
  • Scorers – Gives a list of the league’s top goal scoring players, including the number of times they’ve scored the first goal of a match
  • Attendance – Lists teams in order of average attendance, including the highest, lowest and % full.


Shows results for the most recently played matches, it also provides the option to view all the results in a grid format, or select results from any particular month.

Preview Stats

Stats for the round of up coming fixtures, based upon home form for the home team and away form for the away team.

  • Pts p. game – Shows the % of points obtained in relation to the maximum possible points
  • WDL – Gives a graphical look at the % wins, draws and defeats. Hovering your mouse over the graphic (when on their site – not the image below) will show the % amounts.
  • TG – Average total goals in matches involving the team
  • 2.5+ – percentage of the team’s matches with Over 2.5 Goals.
  • Last 4 – Shows the last 4 results

They also provide options to see stats based upon all matches (home and away) and just the last 8 games.

Form Table

League table based just on the last 8 matches.

Clicking on “More form tables” brings up tables based upon last 6 and last 10 matches, with options to view additional table of just home or away form, for the last 4 and 8 matches.

Frequent Scores

Shows how often each scoreline has come up so far this season.

Season Stats

To round off the league page, they provide a number of additional stats

I’ll be continuing my look at the SoccerSTATS site tomorrow.