Over 2.5 Goals – System 4 : 27/04/18

Last weekend was good for the Low Key Soccer Betting System 4 selections. The over 2.5 goals bet was successful in 3 out of the 4 qualifying matches.

That’s 34 winners from 64 bets now, a strike rate of 53.1% and brings things back to almost break even. I’m sure it would be showing a slight profit if I recorded results based upon best bookmaker odds, rather than just using the Betfair Sportsbook odds.

Five more qualifying matches this weekend, starting with tomorrow night’s game in Ligue 1 between Montpellier and Saint-Etienne.

WhoScored Update 39

With the end of the football season just a few matches away results over the last week weren’t what was required for the WhoScored  writers to finish with a profit from their result and correct score predictions.

Premier League

Just 2 correct results and no correct scores from the 10 matches played over an extended weekend of fixtures. A combined loss of -17.31 points almost halved the previous overall profit, which now stands at +19.26 points.

The Championship

Harry Smith was the only one of their tipsters that I’m monitoring to show a profit on the week. He managed 7 correct results and 1 correct score, to return a combined profit of +1.99 points, reducing his overall loss to -23.65 points. That keeps alive his chance of finishing with a profit.

Leagues One & Two

Things seem to be slipping away from Jake Saunders with a combined loss of -8.53 points from last week’s mid-week games followed by a loss of -4.20 points at the weekend.

Overall he’s now down -21.11 points and will need a swift turnaround in fortunes if he’s going to break back into profit before the end of the season.

Gabriel Sutton picked up +4.57 points profit from last week’s mid-week games, but gave it back plus more at the weekend, with a loss of -9.31 points. Overall he’s now showing a loss of -47.18 and any realistic chance of getting back into profit before the end of the season, looks to have gone.

Scottish Premiership

Just the 2 results correct for Graham Ruthven and form seems to be deserting him at the crunch end of the season. A loss of -7.26 points means Graham is now showing an overall loss of -4.42 points. Things don’t bode well as he’s gradually seen his profits erode away of the past 6 weeks.

La Liga

Any chance of Simon Harrison ending with a profit with his La Liga predictions now looks to have gone. No correct scores contributed to a loss of -11.74 points last mid-week, followed by a further loss of -5.60 points at the weekend, mean he’s now showing an overall loss of -62.78 points.

Serie A

It looks to be a similar situation for Jacopo Piotto with his Italian Serie A predictions. He managed 1 correct score over the week, but his correct result predictions were all short prices, so despite 9 correct results from the 20 matches played there was still combined losses of -10.77 points las mid-week and -7.23 points at the weekend.

Overall now showing a loss of -56.70 points and again his chance to end the season in profit appears to have now gone.

Winning Acca – 21/4/18

Saturday saw the acca bet get landed for the 4th time this season. The return of £85.14 to £10 bet means I’m now guaranteed a profit from the bet for the 4th season in a row.

Southend and Notts Co made light work of things, with 4-0 and 4-1 wins respectively. Things weren’t so plain sailing in the 2 Championship games. Brentford took the lead early on, but were pegged back by QPR on the stroke of half-time. However they regained the lead in the 69th minute to keep the acca alive going into the evening kick-off.

The 7:45 kick-off followed a similar pattern with Cardiff taking the lead in the 35th minute. Forest equalized in the 50th minute, but Cardiff regained the lead in the 75th minute to land the acca bet.

The running total for the season now stands at +£102.23.

4 Homes Acca – 21/04/18

There was 2 wins from the 4 matches last weekend, with Middlesbro beating Bristol City 2-1 and Luton beating Crewe 3-1.

However it all went wrong in the 43 minute in the other 2 games.During that minute Everton and Forest Green both scored away goals to go 1-0 up in their respective matches. Swansea managed to pull the goal back against Everton, but Cheltenham couldn’t find their way through the Forest to score.

The running total for the season is now  +£27.09.

Selections for 21st April 2018

Another fairly short priced acca this week, with qualifying matches again few and far between.

English Championship  – Brentford to beat QPR
English Championship – Cardiff to beat Nottm For (7:45 kickoff)
English League One – Southend to beat MK Dons
English League Two – Notts Co to beat Yeovil

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£10 bet returns £85.14 with BetVictor.

WhoScored Update 38

With just a few weeks of the season left to run in the major European leagues I’ll take a look to see which of the WhoScored  writers are likely to finish the season with a profit on their predictions.

Premier League

A profit of +1.66 points on the week brings the overall profit up to +36.57 points. Of the 2 main guys who do the predictions, Josh Wright is showing a profit of +136.17 points and is pretty much guaranteed to finish the season with a hefty profit.

On the other hand Ben McAleer was spot on with the Burnley v Leicester score, but that was only his 3rd correct score, in over 100 matches, since I started monitoring the selections. Overall he’s showing a loss of -97.29 points and guaranteed to finish the season with a big loss.

The Championship

A profit of +5.77 points for last week’s mid-week games, but offset with a loss of -7.69 points at the weekend.

Overall the loss now stands at -25.64 points. H’e bounced back from a bigger loss previously, so there’s still enough time for Harry Smith to turn things around and finish in the black.

Leagues One & Two

A small profit last mid-week, but just 1 correct result at the weekend produced a loss of -13.2 points. Jake Sanders is now showing an overall loss of -8.88 points, but there’s still a good chance he can finish in profit.

In League Two Gabriel Sutton recorded a loss of -9.06 points across the week, which takes his overall loss to -42.44 points. It’s now unlikely he’ll get back into profit.

Scottish Premiership

Just the 1 game last week to finish off the games before the league split in half. A small loss means Graham Ruthven is still keeping his head just above water, with an overall profit of +2.84 points.

He’s been on a downward spiral over the past few weeks, so will need an upturn in performance in order to remain in profit, come the end of the season.

La Liga

A small profit of +1.29 points on the week, but Simon Harrison will need to do better than that over the next few weeks, to overcome the -45.44 points loss.

Serie A

A loss of -9.7 points on the week was not what Jacopo Piotto needed, if he want’s to finish the season showing a profit.

He now sits on a loss of -38.7 points, so it looks unlikely  he’ll finish with a profit, but with 6 games left for all the teams, there’s still an outside chance he could do it.

4 Homes Acca – 14/04/18

Disappointing last weekend in the game that let the acca down, was the one from Scotland.

Derby beat Bolton 3-0, Millwall beat Bristol City 2-0 and Blackburn beat Southend 1-0, but up in Scotland Alloa lost 1-0 to Stranraer. I’m now kicking myself for including that match in the bet.

The running total for the season is now  +£37.09.

Selections for 14th April 2018

English Premier League  – Swansea to beat Everton
English Championship – Middlesborough to beat Bristol City
English League Two  – Cheltenham to beat Forest Green
English League Two – Luton to beat Crewe

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£10 bet returns £140.94 with BetVictor.